Mexican National Guard Deployed In Los Cabos To Increase Spring Break Safety

Mexican National Guard Deployed In Los Cabos To Increase Spring Break Safety

Hundreds of thousands will be descending to Los Cabos for Spring Break, thanks to its proximity to America, especially the West Coast. According to recent reports, leading the wave is more than 50,000 college students from the United States who intend to visit the area this Spring Break season. 

In a study by Allianz Partners, Los Cabos was second on the list of international destinations preferred by American tourists for spring break in 2024.

Due to the influx of tourists visiting Los Cabos, the general secretary of the government of Baja California Sur, Saúl González Núñez has advised that there will be reinforced security deployed in the region. To help protect tourists and locals, 140 elements of the National Guard have arrived during this busy tourist period. 

This news comes after United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, visited Baja California and recommended that students should be wary when visiting the area. They should avoid areas where they may be at risk and keep their eyes open and be vigilant at all times. 

Los Cabos area is the municipality with the highest record of drug dealing according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System and crimes tend to also increase during this holiday period. 

Despite the recent Spring Break travel advisory which emphasizes that violent crime is a risk across Mexico, travelers are still flocking to the warm sun down south for vacation. 

Crimes are monitored in three categories: green for low occurrence, yellow for caution and red for high crime levels and in January there were six indicators for category red crimes. 

To stay safe in Los Cabos, engage in local culture respectfully and stick to well-traveled areas, especially at night. Stay clear of unauthorized tourist transfer services, tours and the like and stay informed about local safety updates.