Royal Caribbean Remains Cruising To Haiti Despite The U.S. Embassy Alert But Limits Excursions

Royal Caribbean Remains Cruising To Haiti Despite The U.S. Embassy Alert But Limits Excursions

Royal Caribbean announced this week that it will be canceling certain offshore excursions and in-port activities in its Labadee port in Haiti to improve safety for both passengers and locals amidst ongoing political unrest.

This announcement comes after the official alert of the U.S. Embassy in Haiti issued on March 10, 2024, reminding U.S. citizens about the situation in the country.

“The U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisory for Haiti remains at Level Four: Do not travel to Haiti. The current security situation in Haiti is unpredictable and dangerous. We are aware that there are few or no commercial options to depart Haiti safely at this time. As they become available, we urge U.S. citizens to take advantage of them.” says the embassy alert.

Royal Caribbean has canceled jet ski tours, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, and various other activities in this port until further notice to keep visitors on land and close to the ship.

Spending time on the beach will still be permitted but cruisers should avoid straying outside the boundaries of Royal Caribbean’s private property of the dock. 

Port of Labadee, Haiti

Although Royal Caribbean cruisers dock at a private port that is owned by the cruise line in Labadee, the company hesitates to promote venturing far from shore at this time. While Royal Caribbean ships will continue to stop in Labadee for the time being, the cruise line prefers that passengers stay near the ship and also discourages planning independent excursions.

Royal Caribbean is providing full refunds for canceled excursions, which passengers should expect to receive within approximately fourteen business days. 

These adjustments were put in place both to protect cruisers and to respect the challenging situation that locals are experiencing. While leisure travel to Haiti is not yet prohibited, Royal Caribbean prioritizes making tourism possible in a way that provides as little additional disruption to the lives of residents of the Labadee area as possible. 

With Haiti currently under a Level Four travel advisory from the U.S. Department of State, visiting the country on your own is also not currently advised. A short and limited entrance through a cruise line remains the safest option at this time, but cruisers should anticipate potential last-minute itinerary or activity changes even after boarding the ship as circumstances evolve.

As always, take extra precautions to ensure that you are back on your ship with plenty of time to spare before its scheduled departure time. This is particularly important when visiting an isolated location that is both potentially unsafe and offers few other options for leaving.