These 7 Nations Offer Digital Nomads A Cost-of-Living Under $700 A Month

These 7 Nations Offer Digital Nomads A Cost-of-Living Under $700/Month

Digital nomads can secure remote office spaces with reasonable living expenses and a thriving cultural scene in many countries in the world.

Some nations appeal to digital nomads not only because of their breathtaking scenery but also because of their cheap food prices, fast Wi-Fi, and developing economies.

7. South Africa – Avg. Monthly Cost: $649

From beaches to bush and the Berg mountains, South Africa has it all. Thanks to a favorable exchange rate for the US dollar, South Africa is not only visually appealing but also inexpensive. 

  • Digital Nomad Hotspots: Cape Town, Durban
  • Most Affordable City: Durban
  • Average Wi-Fi Speed: 36.46Mbps
  • Average Meal Cost: $5-10

6. Brazil – Avg. Monthly Cost: $661

Brazil offers a diverse range of activities to satisfy the needs of digital nomads, including beaches, parties, carnivals, and natural wonders. It is an affordable country to live in, and both tourists and locals are encouraged to keep a healthy work-life balance.

  • Digital Nomad Hotspots: Pipa, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis
  • Most Affordable City: Salvador
  • Average Wi-Fi Speed: 52.00 Mbps
  • Average Meal Cost: $5-10

5. China – Avg. Monthly Cost: $637

Although China’s big cities have a strong economy, more reasonably priced options can be found in smaller towns like Chengdu or Xi’an. With its enormous population and varied landscapes, the nation’s position as an international financial center offers a dynamic environment for digital nomads.

  • Digital Nomad Hotspots: Hainan, Beijing
  • Most Affordable City: Guangzhou
  • Average Wi-Fi Speed: 179.81 Mbps
  • Average Meal Cost: $5-10

4. Thailand – Avg. Monthly Cost: $621

Thailand has a sizable tourism industry and provides modern amenities for digital nomads. Thailand continues to be a top option for individuals looking to strike a balance between cost of living and a distinctive cultural experience because of its lower living costs, plenty of employment opportunities, and relative safety.

  • Digital Nomad Hotspots: Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Koh Phangan
  • Most Affordable City: Chiang Mai
  • Average Wi-Fi Speed: 133.86 Mbps
  • Average Meal Cost: $2.5-10

3. Indonesia – Avg. Monthly Cost: $532

Because of its affordable cost of living, Indonesia is a popular destination for digital nomads drawn by its charm. Indonesia is unique because of its growing population, developing economy, and thriving community of international workers.

  • Digital Nomad Hotspots: Bali, Lombok
  • Most Affordable City: Banyuwangi
  • Average Wi-Fi Speed: 64.3 Mbps
  • Average Meal Cost: $3.20

2. Vietnam – Avg. Monthly Cost: $509

With its young population and expanding economy, Vietnam offers digital nomads an interesting and reasonably priced refuge. Living expenses have decreased as a consequence of the nation’s transition to a market-oriented economy.

  • Digital Nomad Hotspots: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An
  • Most Affordable City: Hanoi
  • Average Wi-Fi Speed: 44.92 Mbps
  • Average Meal Cost: $1-5

1. Argentina – Avg. Monthly Cost: $464

Argentina is the least expensive nation for digital nomads to live in. The country’s economic situation has resulted in a favorable exchange rate for those workers. With a large population and a transition to lower middle class, it provides a diverse cultural experience at an affordable price.

On top of its affordability, Argentina has 2nd best digital nomad visa and one of the biggest nomad communities around the globe with over 6000+ members.

  • Digital Nomad Hotspots: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza
  • Most Affordable City: Cordoba
  • Average Wi-Fi Speed: 36.63 Mbps
  • Average Meal Cost: $3.65

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