This Country Has The Best Passport For Digital Nomads In 2024

This Country Has The Best Passport For Digital Nomads In 2024

With remote work opportunities surging, living as a digital nomad is becoming a popular lifestyle choice for many people but comes with its unique travel challenges.

The type of passport that you hold can have a big effect on your ease of travel. For example, some passports allow you to enter up to 194 countries visa-free, and some as low as 30. In this article, we’ll explore which passport is the best aka strongest for digital nomads.

To help determine the relative strength of a passport, different rating systems have been used.

Henley Passport Index

Since 2005, the Henley Passport Index has given the highest passport ratings to countries that allow their citizens to cross borders without requiring a visa. Points are also granted if passport holders receive a visa on arrival, electronic travel authority, or a visitor’s permit.

After checking the most recent data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), six countries with visa-free access to 194 countries were awarded 1st place in 2024: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain. But is visa-free access to countries the only thing to compare when ranking the best passports?

Nomad Passport Index

The Nomad Capitalist created the Nomad Passport Index in 2017, and five components make up the total index score. Visa-free travel comprises 50%, taxation (20%), personal freedom (10%), global perception (10%), and the ability to hold dual citizenship receives 10%. After these additional factors were considered, one country emerged as the winner: Switzerland.

“With Switzerland standing out as the world’s best passport in 2024, our Nomad Passport Index shows global citizens how to open their lives to new opportunities, enhancing their freedom to travel, work, and do business with peace of mind in a volatile world,” says Natalia Rincón, Nomad Capitalist researches

Europe fared well overall, taking 8 of the top 10 spots on the Nomad Passport Index. Ireland and Portugal came in second and third, respectively, followed by Luxembourg and Finland. The UAE, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and New Zealand rounded up the Top 10, with all of these countries providing excellent options for both visa-free travel and a good reputation on the global scene.

Not only is Switzerland in the heart of Europe and considered one of the safest countries in the world, according to the Berkshire Hathaway State of Travel Insurance report but it is also blessed with beautiful nature and a high standard of living—all fantastic things to take into consideration when considering citizenship. The U.S. News and World Report also placed Switzerland atop its rankings of best countries in the world in 2023, citing its low corruption, safety, and economic stability.

Consider Obtaining A Stronger Passport

If you don’t yet hold a strong passport, it may be worth considering how to obtain one through a digital nomad visa route, such as those offered by Spain and Portugal, or a golden visa, which, in Portugal’s case, requires a financial investment in the arts or Portugal’s cultural heritage starting at around 200,000 €.

Whether we like it or not, the passport we hold matters when it comes to feeling a sense of global freedom and opportunity. For 2024, Switzerland, with its blend of stunning vistas, security, strong currency, and visa-free opportunities, is the best passport to hold for digital nomads.