This Hidden Beach In Bali Is Gaining Rapid Popularity Among Tourists

This Hidden Beach In Bali Is Gaining Rapid Popularity Among Tourists

Due to its prominent location at Bali’s southernmost point, Melasti Beach in Uluwatu has long been a popular vacation spot for locals and a site for Balinese Hindu ceremonies.

However, because of the influence of online reviews, travelers seeking a fun experience have begun to flock to this stunning stretch of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush tropical surroundings.

The Bali Sun claimed that this year Bali has seen more than one million visitors, a 30% increase over the pre-pandemic period.

The majority of foreign visitors seemed to come from China, Russia and Australia, said Wayan Karnawa, Melasti Beach’s chief manager.

“Previously the maximum was 2,000 people per day, but now it can be 3,000 people, and on national holidays it can be up to 10,000 people per day,” he told reporters.

Despite a surge in popularity, the beach still appears to be relatively unknown outside Indonesia; only 20% of visitors this year came from outside the country.

According to Karnawa, fortunately, it was not the troublemakers who wreaked havoc in other areas of the island.

“So far we have always received the impression of a good message. No one has excessive complaints,” he said.

Karnawa stated that he would like to see even more tourists in the future, as visitors would benefit local businesses and communities, as opposed to the reaction of many people who run attractions or cities that have many tourists.

The stunning features of the beach have already been exploited by various content creators, who have declared it the “best beach in Bali”, using footage of the beach in TikTok videos and Instagram posts.