This Lesser-Known Island Is Becoming Honeymoon Capital Of The Caribbean

This Lesser-Known Island Country Is The Honeymoon Capital Of The Caribbean

Honeymoon hotels vary in their offerings and experiences.

This is what sets Antigua and Barbuda apart as an exceptional choice for honeymooners in the Caribbean.

This dual-island destination boasts numerous attractions, including its 365 beaches, lively culture, and diverse culinary offerings.

There is also a delightful selection of boutique EP hotels and an impressive array of hotels, with an emphasis on adult all-inclusive resorts at all price points.

Antigua and Barbuda are teeming with resorts designed specifically for romantic honeymoons in the Caribbean.

It all starts with the island’s most exceptional gem, the Hammock Cove resort, boasting 41 luxurious rooms, each featuring a private plunge pool and breathtaking vistas of Antigua’s azure waters.

Next, you’ll find exclusive tropical retreats like The Verandah, a recently opened adults-only all-inclusive resort within the Elite Island Resorts collection. There’s also Galley Bay, a beachfront paradise set on its own peninsula in the northwest corner of the island.

Honeymoon options abound on the island’s south coast, including the famed Curtain Bluff, which reopens for the season in November, and the charming and secluded Keyonna Beach Resort. The pinnacle of casual luxury can be found at places like the Cocos Hotel, which offers quaint and lively cottages along a cliff if you’re traveling west. A romantic honeymoon to Antigua is topped off with a meal at Sheer Rocks, the island’s best restaurant, located at the adults-only Cocobay Resort. You can also opt for eco-friendly and opulent accommodations like Hermitage Bay, which combines oceanfront and mountain bungalows.

During your visit, you have various accommodation choices to suit your preferences, from historic hotels like the Admiral’s Inn or Copper and Lumber in English Harbour, to hillside retreats offering plunge-pool rooms at the Escape at Nonsuch Bay. Alternatively, you can opt for larger resort experiences, such as the Sandals Grande on Dickenson Bay, or explore the modern luxury offered at the Hodges Bay resort in the northern part of the island.

Antigua also features overwater bungalows available at its Royalton Antigua resort.

Alternatively, take a short trip to Barbuda to stick your feet in the sand at the Crusoe-chic Barbuda Belle Hotel and even have lunch at the island’s Nobu Beach Club.

What makes Antigua’s hotel offerings special is that the resorts, all-inclusive or not, are not one-size-fits-all, standardized experiences. Antiguan hospitality is centered around genuineness, individuality and capturing the true spirit of the place.

Go beyond the confines of the hotel and you’ll discover a lively, vibrant and exciting destination. Whether you’re ziplining through the rainforest, sampling exquisite rum, exploring beach bars, or enjoying local delicacies like fungee and pepperpot, there’s always something exciting to experience.

In other words, when it comes to honeymooning in Antigua and Barbuda, there is no wrong choice. This is exactly what solidifies its status as the best honeymoon destination in the Caribbean.