This Popular European City Is About To Roll Out A New Tax To Reduce Overtourism

This Popular European City Is About To Roll Out A New Tax To Reduce Overtourism

Authorities in Venice announced a trial program to charge day visitors to enter the city. 

The entry fee is intended to lessen crowds, promote longer stays, and enhance the standard of living for locals. 

When will admission to Venice be charged to visitors?

Visitors will now have to pay €5 to enter the city. 

Between April and mid-July, a total of 29 days—peak weekends and other days—will be subject to the fee.

During the peak hours of 8:30 am to 4 pm, there will be a day-tripper fee; however, visitors who come to Venice for dinner or a concert will not be required to pay.

For whom is a ticket to Venice mandatory?

The day-tripper tourist tax is not levied on locals, visitors who are Venetian natives, workers, students, or travelers who have made hotel or other lodging reservations.

How can I book my ticket for Venice?

Visitors can reserve their day in Venice as of January 16 on this platform

After paying €5, visitors will receive a QR code that must be scanned at seven different locations throughout the city, including the main train station, to gain entry.

When a visitor with a reservation enters their hotel, they also receive a QR code to display. But since a Venice lodging charge will already be included in their hotel bill, they are spared the cost.

How is Venice making tourism more sustainable?

Venice has been attempting to reconsider its relationship with tourists more sustainably since COVID-19 lockdowns destroyed its tourism industry.

The constant emigration of Venetians to the mainland has compelled the city to act. 

UNESCO and environmentalists’ pressure eventually forced the authorities to forbid large cruise ships from passing through the Giudecca canal.

Longer-staying visitors have been identified by Venice as essential to its survival, given that they typically spend more.