This Secret Idaho Oasis Has Some Of The Most Beautiful Blue Waters In The U.S.

This Secret Idaho Oasis Has Some Of The Most Beautiful Blue Waters In The U.S.

The Blue Heart Spring in Idaho is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically magnificent natural springs in the United States, yet few people are aware of it because of its challenging access, and cool temperature (this is not a hot spring). 

Travelers must paddle up the Snake River in the small Idaho town of Buhl to get there. Along the way, cross the Snake River’s confluence with Box Canyon, where the cool, blue waters of Box Canyon visibly mingle with the Snake river’s waters.

The Snake River turns west just past the exit of Box Canyon, but a narrow passage continues north and leads to a forest. After passing through the passage, the boat enters the Blue Heart Spring, a quiet area surrounded by lava rock and trees.

The water of Blue Heart Spring has an amazing blue hue and is extremely pure. Even on the hottest days, the water has a comfortable temperature of 58 degrees, making it ideal for a summer dip. 

It is recommended to access Blue Heart Spring by kayak or paddleboard, as boat engines are not allowed inside the oasis. The best launch site is near Banbury Rentals, which also offers guided day trips and rentals of paddleboards and kayaks. Paddling from Banbury to Blue Heart Spring Passage takes 35 to 45 minutes.

Even though Blue Heart Spring is still a lesser-known destination, locals love it, so go during the week to escape the crowds. Also, remember to pack up your rubbish.

Miracle Hot Springs, a geothermal hot spring that can quickly chase away the chill left after your swim in Blue Heart Spring, is located just a few miles west of Blue Heart Spring. Miracle Hot Springs has four pools open to the public, 15 private pools and community swimming ponds. For overnight guests, a series of geodesic domes, a rental house and campgrounds are available.

The driving time from Boise, Idaho to Buhl, Idaho, the town closest to Blue Heart Spring and Miracle Hot Springs, is less than two hours.