U.S.News Reveals 10 Companies With Most Open Remote Job Positions Right Now

U.S.News Reveals 10 Companies With Most Open Remote Job Positions In 2023

Numerous organizations have recognized that adopting long-term remote work is the direction in which the future of work is heading. While a few companies may have backtracked, a significant majority have stood by their policies and have no intentions of abandoning them.

Here are 10 companies that have moved to remote or hybrid work models and now offer long-term work-from-home opportunities, fully embracing this approach for the future.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Employees: 79,390

In accordance with a recent blog post by Salesforce, team leaders are empowered to determine their teams’ work arrangements. For instance, teams with customer-facing responsibilities might opt for in-office meetings four days a week, while other teams have the option to work entirely remotely.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Employees: 26,500

Similar to other companies on this list, Visa has shown itself to be more accommodating with remote work than other companies that push for employees to come into the office. Currently, Visa mandates that most employees work from the office only two days a week.

PNC Bank

Headquarters: Pittsburgh
Employees: 61,545

Even though PNC Bank returned a large number of its staff members to work once the pandemic subsided, some jobs at the organization still permit remote work. Account manager, field examiner, business analyst advisor, and client solution adviser are some of these roles.


Headquarters: Pleasanton, California
Employees: 17,700

Even though Workday is still hiring for a number of remote positions, it’s important to note that Aneel Bhusri, the company’s CEO and co-founder, is not a huge advocate of working from home.

Bhusri said in a 2020 interview with McKinsey & Company, “I’m not a believer in the remote workforce in the long run. We have enough case studies from past generations that show, especially in areas that require collaboration, it’s just hard to innovate if you’re not together in person.”

Nvidia Corporation

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Employees: 26,196

During a 2020 interview with Venture Beat, Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, stated that he supports remote work and has “no trouble with it”. His easygoing attitude about working remotely is further supported by a recent Indeed study that found 83% of Nvidia employees presently work remotely.


Headquarters: San Jose, California
Employees: 29,900

PayPal employees are currently allowed to work remotely as long as the location is on the company’s list of approved sites. But some jobs at PayPal are for in-office work only. So check the job description to see if remote work is available before submitting your application. PayPal employees have another work arrangement option: flextime. Employees have more control over their time and can create their own schedules when working from home.


Headquarters: New York City
Employees: 240,000

Citigroup said in March 2021 that it will adopt a hybrid work paradigm that allows most employees to work two days a week from home and three days in the office.


Headquarters: Mountain View, California
Employees: 17,300

Following a survey that found 80% of employees prefer a hybrid workplace model, Intuit introduced a hybrid work paradigm in May 2021. This flexible work model means Intuit employees only need to be in the office two or three days a week.


Headquarters: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Employees: 95,000

Thousands of 3M office employees worldwide are able to personalize their work arrangements to best meet their needs. In a press statement, Aman Gupta, vice president of enterprise workplace strategy, stated, “It is about getting your work done and delivering results. Not about where you sit and what time you logged on.”


Headquarters: San Jose, California
Employees: 29,239

Gloria Chen, Adobe’s executive vice president and chief people officer, said in a 2021 blog post that the company will continue to use a hybrid work style as a standard practice. “While we believe in the value of in-person interactions, we know that in some cases, a remote work arrangement makes sense for Adobe. … We expect to double the size of our remote worker population over time as we learn and iterate on making this model successful,” Chen wrote.