Why Are So Many Travelers Flocking To Cayman Islands In Summer 2023

Why Travelers Are Flocking To Cayman Islands In Summer 2023

According to recently released data from the Ministry of Tourism, the Cayman Islands continue to experience a solid upswing in tourism.

According to Kenneth Bryan, Cayman Islands Minister of Tourism, there were 235,370 overnight visitors between January and June 2023, which is 84 percent more than the same period in 2019.

“Tourism performance over the first half of the year has surpassed expectations and underscores the significant rebound in our tourism industry,” said Bryan. “Revenue collection influenced by the increase in the Average Daily Rate of accommodations over the past year is indicating a strong and sustained interest in the Cayman Islands as a premier travel destination.”

“As is customary, the United States made up 83.6 percent of total visitation, followed by Canada registering 7.5 percent,” Bryan continued. “Europe accounted for 4.4 percent of visitor arrivals which is similar to the figures recorded in 2019.”

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​Cayman’s tourism success has been supported by strong performance in both established and developing markets, demonstrating the region’s appeal to a wide range of visitors seeking diverse experiences.

Improvements in air connections have also been quite successful.

Thanks to additional new flights and direct connections, there are now more options for travelers to reach their destinations. This has led to an increase in bookings and improved convenience for business and leisure travelers. Of particular note is the historic new service between Los Angeles and Grand Cayman, which began late last year.

738.462 passengers, or 33% of 2019 pre-pandemic visitor numbers, arrived on cruise ships in the first half of the year.

The Ministry anticipates exceeding the amount of money it received in 2019, the biggest year in its history, based on current trends.

The tourism levy collected $35 million between January and June 2023, $3.6 million more than the annual target and $15 million more than the mid-year forecast.

This indicates that within the first six months, the amount of revenue that was predicted for the entire year has already been surpassed.

According to Rosa Harris, director of tourism, these numbers, especially the extraordinary income collections, show how adaptable and resilient the Cayman Islands tourism industry is. “I am thrilled to see the numbers are ahead of our projections for the first half of 2023, particularly since revenue and visitation targets for 2022 were also exceeded,” Harris said.

“As we look ahead to the remainder of 2023,” Harris said, “I am optimistic about sustaining this positive growth trajectory and maintaining the Cayman Islands’ position as a leading travel destination in the Caribbean. The Department of Tourism is also working hard to build on this momentum by continuing to implement innovative strategies to attract more visitors to our shores.”