World Cities With The Most Expensive Tourist Taxes Up To $50 Per Night

World Cities With The Most Expensive Tourist Taxes Up To $50 Per Night

According to a recent study, writer James Andrews investigated the rates of tourist tax around the world. While not all cities and countries charge such tax, some locations add a flat fee or others a certain percentage of your hotel bill.

The top five, in order, included: Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Orlando, while others in Mexico, Oman and Thailand rounded out the top 10

On top of the 10.25% transient accommodations tax (TOT) charged in Hawaii, Honolulu recently added a 3% surcharge to this. When taking average hotel costs into account, this equates to an added tax of $51.70 per night. 

In San Francisco, the TOT 14% on stays under 30 days and when considering average hotel costs per night, the tourist tax comes to $29.61 per night. 

Los Angeles comes in third as their TOT currently stands at 12% of your nightly room rate, which comes to roughly $23.49 on average. 

In Europe, Amsterdam is the city with the most expensive tourist tax, with a nightly tax of $11.53. Rounding out the top five is Orlando, which charges a 6% ‘sales and resort tax’ coming to $11.60 a night on average. 

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Brussels, Berlin, Florence follows Amsterdam as the cities that charge the highest tourist tax in Europe while the countries with the highest flat rate tourist tax are Mexico, Thailand, Belgium, Japan and Italy.

As part of the new European Travel Information and Authorization System (or ETIAS), Europe plans to introduce a 7-euro fee starting November 2023. Coming into effect January 16, 2023, Venice will charge day-trippers a fee from 3 euros to 10 euros per person.