5 Decorations to Hype Up Your Glamping Suite

5 Decorations to Hype Up Your Glamping Suite

So, you’re going glamping this weekend…that luxurious form of camping in which everything is ready and lusciously awaiting you when you get there. There will be no pounding of tent stakes, no building of a fire, just relaxing and enjoying nature in the most engaging way your glamping venue can provide. But, wait! You can make this trip an even more decadent pleasure by adding a few touches of your own.

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It doesn’t take much to add a little more beauty, comfort and sheer luxury to transport your senses. You can fill the air with a variety of delicate fragrances to delight you and your companion. Add your own version of mood lighting and some extra greenery to set the stage. Plump up your bed with even more delicious comfort. A selection of your very favorite delicacies will top off the experience in a satisfying way.

Add Potpourri and Plants for a Tropical Paradise

Add to the glamor and eye appeal of your gracious glamping suite by setting decorative bowls of potpourri around the space. They’ll beautify your surroundings while also adding a lovely scent to the air. You can find potpourri in every color, so it’s easy to match the décor already in place in your luxurious glamping quarters. Include miniature pots of lavender for their colorful flowers, soothing scent and ability to repel insects.

Decorating your suite with a variety of plants is a lovely way to bring the outdoors right into your accommodations. A couple of miniature palms in appealing pots will give your tent or cabin a tropical feeling. A flowering gardenia will add subtle elegance while wafting more delicate fragrance through the air. It’s not hard to create a miniature tropical paradise to enjoy during your opulent glamping trip.

Add Soft and Luxurious Touches to Your Bed

Bring along a couple of silk pillows with tassels to increase the extravagance and indulgence of your bed. Nothing beats the cool, smooth feel of silk under your cheek, and the tassels will give the arrangement of pillows a decorative flair. Toss a soft and furry throw blanket on the bed to cover up with when it gets cool at night.

The ultimate amenity for getting in and out of bed at night is having a soft, padded footstool on each side of the bed. They’ll also add more than a touch of class to your suite, and you can choose colors that complement the rest of the décor. As a final note in adding soothing comfort to your bed, include a plump body pillow to use as a bolster behind your bed pillows when reading in bed.

Install an Elegant Hanging Canopy

It’s not hard to attach an arresting swath of fabric to the middle of your glamping suite and drape it in enchanting folds. You can make your tent look like it belongs to ancient royalty with soft, shimmery sheer gold fabric. Or find a pattern of stars to mimic the heavens above. You’ll feel as if you’re swathed in elegance with a canopy ceiling above you.

If you prefer, you can dangle the canopy above the bed alone and add a layer of gauzy mosquito netting underneath. When you’re not using the bed, pull the fabric of the canopy back with elegant strips of fabric. The netting is practical for keeping away pests, but it can also look lovely when gathered into light and airy puffs. Bunch it up loosely beneath the canopy, leaving a couple of feet visible.

Add to the Magic with Subtle and Beautiful Lighting

Adding tiny, twinkling strings of lights is a magical way to provide subtle lighting that highlights all the beautiful touches in your glamping suite. Outline the bed with them, string them along the walls and wrap them gently around the fronds of your potted palms. You can leave the lights on or set them to wink off and on in a pattern. Tiny colored lights are available and you can even get lights that chase each other in a moving pattern.

There are incredibly lovely lanterns that look just like the real thing but are powered by batteries and cool LED light bulbs. Place one of these on each bedside table. They’ll add another hint of extravagance to the suite and provide a brighter light when it’s needed. LED tea lights will complement the tiny glowing strings of lights, and you can leave a couple on as night lights when you retire for the evening.

Please Your Eye and Palate with Gourmet Treats

Since you’re here to enjoy the natural gifts of the outdoors, start with a basket of colorful fruits. Mango, papaya and banana are delicious fruits that add color and continue the tropical theme of your surroundings. Purple plums and juicy oranges will provide a colorful contrast. Place a sprig of mint and a stalk of baby’s breath in the arrangement for extra appeal.

Include a cheese board with a fancy cheese knife and a variety of cheeses. These can be fetchingly displayed under a small glass dome in keeping with the overall luxury of your quarters. That way, you’ll have a handy place to cut pieces of succulent and delicious fruit. It should go without saying that decadently smooth and creamy chocolate should be included in this palate-pleasing display. How about some amaretto and hazelnut truffles?

Transform Wonderful into Exceptional

These glamping decorating ideas are easy to pull together. The point of luxury camping is to treat yourself to an outdoor experience that’s utterly relaxing and enjoyable, with no work involved. 

One thing you should definitely consider for your tent is air conditioning. Not having it during hot summer days can ruin your whole experience no matter how cool your place will be.

Taking the time to add these elegant touches at the beginning will make the experience even more splendid. You’ll be able to embrace the best of the outdoors and, at the same time, enjoy all the civilized comforts you could desire. 

Author Bio: Paul Turner is the owner of Take Outdoors, a website for the outdoor enthusiasts. If you are new to camping, he’s written a comprehensive guide to Camping for Beginners that may interest you.