Bali Shortens Waiting Time For VOA And KITAS Visa Extensions

Bali Shortens Waiting Time For VOA And KITAS Visa Extensions

To entice tourists to stay longer, Bali’s Department of Immigration announced that the processing time for visas has dropped to just two to four days. Travelers to Bali may complete a visa extension application to stay for an additional 30 days.

The visa costs IDR 500,000. Travelers only need to visit the Department of Immigration one time in order to receive an extension.

Indonesia’s government hopes that the shorter waiting time will entice digital nomads and other travelers to extend their stays. Previously, the extension process took about 14 days.

Both visas on arrival and KITAS offer eligibility for the quick visa extensions. The application process requires biometric data collection, a photo and data identification.

Indonesia has also simplified the application, renewal and extension processes.

The Department of Immigration’s information system validates the traveler’s information and application on the same day when it doesn’t involve biometric data. When the application includes biometric data, the process takes two to three days.

According to Sandiaga Uno, who is the Tourism and Creative Economy Minister of Indonesia, Australians make up the largest proportion of tourists in Bali. Some of the reasons why include proximity, Bali’s distinctive culture and the ease of entry for citizens of Australia.