bolivis is reopening international flights

Bolivia is open to tourism with PCR test and 14-day mandatory quarantine

Bolivia is open for tourism to all countries but all arrivals must bring a negative COVID-19 test result and undergo a 14-mandatory quarantine.

Some groups of people are exempt from the quarantine requirement.

The country has lifted some restrictions that allow visitors a bit more freedom to move and enjoy the country.

Bolivia Reopening Borders – LATEST UPDATES


March 22 

Bolivia has finally launched its ambitious vaccination program named “Vaccines for Hope.” The country expects to be able to immunize an important number of its population this year using the Chinese Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the Bolivian President Luis Arce, “we want to save the lives of people who are at risk. With this vaccine, we give greater security not only to them, but also to their families who are wary of what may happen, who are the ones who suffer.” 

Vaccination progress in Bolivia

November 12

Bolivia has reduced the spread of the virus to only 100-200 daily cases. As of NOV 12, there are 143,473 confirmed cases and 8,866 deaths caused by the virus. (Source: Wikipedia)

October 12

Bolivia reopens for tourism.

COVID-19 cases in Bolivia

As of March 22, Bolivia has registered 264,634 confirmed COVID cases and 12,060 registered deaths caused by the virus. 

Do travelers need a COVID-19 test?

Yes. Travelers will need to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken within 7 days before arrival.  

Do travelers need to quarantine upon arrival?

Most visitors must quarantine but there are some exceptions. 


Visitors who fall under one of these categories will not have to quarantine when arriving in Bolivia.

  • Diplomats
  • Members of special missions
  • Members of international organizations
  • Technical specialists, and drivers of international goods and cargo.

Important! –  All of these travelers are requested to submit a negative COVID-19 test before boarding their flights to Bolivia.

Is it safe to visit Bolivia now?

Bolivia is overcoming its second wave of COVID-19. As of today, the country is reporting between 600 and 800 daily cases. CDC only recommends essential travel and has placed the country at level 4 “very high risk.” (

What countries are allowed to enter Bolivia?

what countries can enter bolivia?

The Bolivian government has decided to reopen its borders for international flights, and it’s ready to go into what they call a new “post-lockdown” stage.

The Acting Minister of Public Works, Iván Arias, stated the country is “opening commercial, cargo, and passenger flights, meaning, the country is open for countries that have also opened their borders [and] for all people who want to come to visit Bolivia even for tourism”. 

Which airlines resumed flights to Bolivia?

Bolivia international airport
Bolivia international airport

These airlines resumed their flights to Bolivia:

  • BoA from Sao Paulo, already flying
  • BoA from Miami, already flying
  • Latam from Lima, starting Oct 1
  • Air Europe from Madrid, starting Oct 2
  • Aerolineas from Buenos Aires, starting Oct 2
  • Copa from Panama, starting Oct 2
  • Latam from Santiago de Chile, starting Oct 3
  • Avianca from Bogota, starting Oct 25

What are the general restrictions in Bolivia?

The Bolivian Government has lifted the nation-wide curfew and the instate travel. Of course, there are still some biosecurity measures that should be observed by all locals and visitors. Travelers should,

  • Wear a face mask when in public places.
  • Respect social distancing measures.

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