Los Cabos Police Intensifies Security Measures To Increase Tourist Safety In 2024

Los Cabos Police Intensifies Security Measures To Increase Tourist Safety In 2024

The Directorate of Public Security, Preventive Police, and Municipal Transit of Los Cabos, led by Captain Jesús Antonio Gómez Rodríguez, aims to reduce certain criminal behaviors in 2024.

This includes tackling family violence and decreasing the rate of road accidents. In an interview with CPS News, Captain Gómez emphasized these objectives, highlighting their strategies and plans for the upcoming year.

Captain Rodríguez reported a 20% to 25% decrease in house and vehicle thefts, attributing this reduction to ongoing operations. This year, the focus is on intensifying police presence to further reduce crime rates, with an emphasis on the vital role of community involvement in these efforts.

Efforts to decrease criminal behavior in specific areas, as identified by the Homologized Police Report (IPH), which uses heat mapping to track crime rates, have been successful. A significant focus has been on reducing family violence, recognized as a major crime issue. This involves not only law enforcement but also increasing social awareness within the community. Captain Rodríguez emphasized the importance of fostering social awareness since his leadership tenure began, particularly regarding family violence. Efforts to control and reduce this issue include educational initiatives, like school talks, aiming to eradicate such malpractices.

Captain Gómez pointed out the need to increase driver awareness in Los Cabos to address the high rate of road incidents. This initiative is supported by data from the National Transparency Portal, highlighting the significance of the issue in the municipality.

The head of the Directorate of Public Security of Los Cabos noted the significant issue of narcomenudeo (small-scale drug trafficking), which has been prominent in the municipality with around 400 cases from January to November 2023. To address this, they are intensifying efforts to curb such criminal activities.

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8 General safety tips for travelers

Travelers visiting Los Cabos should adhere to the following safety tips to lower the chances of being a victim of a crime:

  1. Stay in well-known tourist areas and avoid exploring unfamiliar, isolated regions.
  2. Keep valuables secured and out of sight to avoid attracting attention.
  3. Use only reputable transportation services, and avoid hitchhiking.
  4. Stay informed about the local area and any recent safety advisories.
  5. Avoid displaying expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash.
  6. Always travel in groups, especially at night.
  7. Keep emergency contact numbers handy.
  8. Respect local laws and customs to avoid any legal issues.

What’s the current U.S. travel advisory for Los Cabos

As of 2024, Los Cabos in Mexico is considered a safe travel destination by the U.S. State Department, which has classified it under a Level 2 travel advisory. This means visitors are advised to exercise increased caution, but not avoid the area altogether. The advisory notes a decrease in crime rates, attributing this to the local government and tourism industry’s efforts in enhancing safety through increased police presence and crime prevention initiatives.

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