greece reopening to tourism with covid travel restrictions

Greece is open for tourism with new nightlife restrictions from August 17

Greece is open to tourists from multiple countries. The country dropped quarantine requirements for E.U. and Schengen areas plus 32 third-party countries. 

Travelers aged five and older are now required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before arrival or a vaccine certificate.  

Additionally, some passengers will have to take a rapid test at the airport. If the test returns positive, they will have to quarantine for 14 days.

Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and governmental regulations can change rapidly and the information below might be outdated within a few hours. Therefore, double-check all information with your embassy or on official websites. Traveling Lifestyle does not take any responsibility for your decision to travel.

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Greece Opening Tourism – LATEST UPDATES

August 13 – Greece will issue EUR 200,000 fines for lockdown breakers 

Tourists caught breaking the new lockdown rules could face up to €200,000 fines according to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

The new nightlife and entertainment restrictions only apply to Chania (Crete) and Zante (Zakynthos) until at least August 17, announced the FCDO.

For the time being, there will be a 24-hour ban on music at all entertainment venues.

“We call on the residents and visitors in these areas to fully comply with the measures to limit the spread of the virus,” the Civil Protection agency said.

Coronavirus activity has increased by 69% over the last week in Zakynthos and 54% in Crete. 

Source: Express UK

Which countries can travel to Greece now?

If you have a passport from the following countries you can enter Greece without quarantine requirements. (See other requirements above)

Current at August 13

  1. EU
  2. Schengen Area
  3. Albania
  4. Armenia
  5. Australia
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Bahrain
  8. Belarus
  9. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. Brunei
  11. Canada
  12. China
  13. Israel
  14. Japan
  15. Jordan
  16. Kosovo
  17. Kuwait
  18. Lebanon
  19. Moldova
  20. Montenegro
  21. New Zealand
  22. North Macedonia
  23. Qatar
  24. Russia
  25. Rwanda
  26. Saudi Arabia
  27. Serbia
  28. Singapore
  29. South Korea
  30. Thailand
  31. UK
  32. Ukraine 
  33. United Arab Emirates
  34. US


Are Greek land borders open for tourism? 

Greece is open to multiple countries. To enter, travelers must show the QR code and a negative COVID-19 test result (no older than 72 hours) to port authorities. 

Greek authorities have restarted their country’s color-coded risk-assessment map, giving areas a coronavirus (Covid-19) risk rating of yellow or red.

The decision was taken due to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in certain areas of the country.

Is it safe to travel to Greece right now regarding COVID-19?

As of August 13, Greece has reported 528,474 COVID-19 cases and 13,126 deaths caused by the virus. Daily contagion rates are between 2,800-3200 new cases.

COVID-19 cases in Greece

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July 30 – Greece to attract big-spending older tourists, as regular tourism is not picking up due to COVID restrictions

Almost 2.3 million travelers have visited Greece so far this year, said Deputy Tourism Minister Sofia Zaharaki two weeks ago. 

Germany has contributed with 412,000 arrivals and Poland with 202,000 so far, which has been a nice surprise for tourism authorities. 

Greece has been promoting its “COVID-free” islands but some of them have been  downgraded to “orange” which means curfews and other tough restrictions have become mandatory. A total disaster for local businesses. 

Following the uncertainty that had plagued tourism since early 2020, Greece plans to attract big-spending older tourists to wellness programs. The move could bring around 21.8 billion euros annually.

Source: Tornos News

July 15 – Greece to require vaccine passport for bar and restaurant customers from July 16

Greece will be tightening COVID-19 restrictions for unvaccinated travelers from July 19. Effective this date, customers at indoor areas of restaurants, bars, and cafes must show proof of vaccination or present a negative COVID-19 test taken no longer than 72 hours prior to visiting these establishments.

“It is crucial not to give the impression that we are losing control of the pandemic so that our tourism industry can go on and operate normally,” said Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis at a news conference.

Visitors must upload their vaccination certificate or COVID-19 test to Greece’s COVID Free GR app to unlock access to tourist venues. 

Source: Reuters

June 29 – Greece won’t impose any additional restrictions from Delta-affected countries, confirmed PM on June 28.

Some of its European counterparts are not glad with Greece’s forward-thinking approach to reopening for tourism amidst the spread of the new Delta variant.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has stated that the best response to the new variant is to accelerate the vaccination process.

“There is an answer to the question of variants – and in particular the Delta variants – and that is to speed up the vaccination process,” Mitsotakis said at the European Union’s summit last Friday. (Source).

These are not only words. The country is committed to offer young people € 150 euros and free phone data to convince them to get a COVID-19 vaccine. (Source: Reuters).

June 16 – Greece to maintain current travel and entry restrictions as of June 14

The Greece government will maintain the already imposed travel restrictions it had before June 14, as a prophylactic measure to prevent the spread of the virus.

This means that visitors from the EU and Schengen area countries, as well as other 23 third-party countries, are permitted entry after completing Greece’s Passenger Locator Form (PLF) and presenting either a vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result.

Also the nationwide curfew that runs from 01:30-05:00 will remain in force. 

Businesses and tourist venues are permitted to operate as long as customers can observe social distancing and wear a mask in indoor settings. 

(Source: GardaWorld)

June 4 – Legendary nightlife hotspot Mykonos Island in Greece is ready to receive party visitors again

Greece is now open to visitors who are either vaccinated or can produce a negative COVID-19 test. 

In mid-May the tourist season was officially declared open but this announcement has not had the traction local authorities and business owners were expecting.

“Mykoneans were shocked to see their island with only a trickle of the tourists they are accustomed to,” […] “But this year all indications show arrivals could double those of 2020.” Says mayor Konstantinos Koukas. 

With most of its population fully vaccinated, the Greek Island wants travelers to know they are ready to party as the way they used to do before COVID-19.

(Source: CNN)

May 19 – Greece has finally reopened for tourism without quarantine to multiple countries

Effective May 14, Greece reopened for tourism to visitors form the E.U. and Schengen areas, United States, U.K., Israel, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Singapore, Russia, North Macedonia, Canada, Belarus, Bahrain, Qatar, China, Kuwait, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia without quarantine requirements -if- visitors from these countries can produce a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no longer than 72 hours upon arrival or a vaccine certificate proving the traveler has received two doses of an approved vaccine.

Greece accepts a wide variety of vaccines. These are Pfizer BioNtech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Oxford, Novavax, Johnson + Johnson/Janssen, Sinovac Biotech, Gamaleya (Sputnik), Cansino Biologics and Sinopharm.

Once travelers are free from airport screenings, they will be allowed to enjoy beaches, shops, museums and other cultural venues at a limited capacity. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

Additionally, the Royal Caribbean International, and AIDA Cruises are set to reopen 7-day trips from Greece on May 23.