10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World To Avoid In 2023

Most Dangerous Countries In The World

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) publishes the Global Peace Index (GPI) each year. 163 nations are ranked by the GPI according to how peaceful they are.

Twenty-four indicators are used to measure the absence of violence, the presence of a functioning government and the extent of militarization.

The indicators are divided into four groups: societal safety and security, militarization, international conflict, and domestic and human rights.

Here’s a list of the most dangerous nations according to the GPI: 

10. Central African Republic – 152

The Central African Republic is one of the most dangerous countries in the world due to ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis. There is no end in sight to the violence and instability that have plagued the country for many years.

More than half of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid, and the fighting has forced millions to flee their homes. Many civilians have been raped or otherwise abused, and the violence has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries.

People cannot go about their daily lives without worrying about their safety due to the lack of security, and those who have sought asylum in other countries face an unclear future.

9. Mali – 153

The security situation in southern Mali has continued to deteriorate. Foreign nationals in southern Mali are at increased risk of kidnapping. Targets may include foreign nationals and foreign companies, particularly mining companies.

Since mid-July 2022, there have been more terrorist attacks in central and southern Mali, including Bamako. Security force facilities have predominantly been targeted by terrorists, resulting in casualties, including civilians. Targets may also include places visited by foreigners.

Due to the high risk of terrorist attacks and kidnappings, you should not visit Mali.

10. Iraq – 154

The tenth most unsafe nation in the world is Iraq, which ranks 154th on the Global Peace Index. This is mainly due to the ongoing unrest and violence in the country.

Numerous ongoing wars and the aftermath of the Iraq war have resulted in millions of people being displaced, thousands of civilians dying, and great human misery.

In addition, the corruption of the Iraqi government, among the worst in the world, contributes to the country’s instability.

Recent News from Iraq:

January 24: ‘We Need the Foreign Forces’: Iraq Declares Support for U.S. Troop Presence.

9. Sudan – 155

For a variety of causes, Sudan is among the most dangerous nations in the world. Years of war and violence have damaged the country, and the situation is getting worse.

Since 1983, the country has been in the throes of a civil war that has claimed the lives of nearly 2 million people. Millions of people have been displaced as a result of the genocide allegedly committed by the Sudanese government in the Darfur region.

In addition, extremist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, which have carried out numerous terrorist attacks in Sudan, are a problem for the country.

Recent News from Sudan:

February 25: Sudan: Bringing Healthcare Back to Conflict-Stricken Communities in Sudan

8. Somalia – 156

somalia africa

Recent News from Somalia:

February 23, 2023 – Last year was the deadliest for civilians in Somalia since 2017

January 23, 2023 – Al-Shabab: US air strike in Somalia ‘kills 30 militants’ (Source: bbc.com)

January 23, 2023 – At least five killed in bomb, gun attack in Somalia’s Mogadishu (Source: aljazeera.com)


The American State Department advises against traveling to Somalia owing to armed conflict, the ongoing very high threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping, and dangerous levels of violent crime.

Terrorist attacks are common in Somalia. Aden Adde International Airport, government officials and buildings, hotels, restaurants, foreigners and foreign interests, and UN staff are all potential targets. Hundreds of people have been killed or injured in recent incidents.

The risk of kidnapping is extremely high in Somalia. Puntland and Somaliland are included. Make certain that your movements are unpredictable. Shootings and grenade attacks have occurred in south-central Somalia’s residential neighborhoods and markets. Avoid violent zones and huge public gatherings.

7. Ukraine – 157

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is still going on. The security environment is still unstable. There is fierce fighting in certain regions of eastern and southern Ukraine. There are still rocket attacks and assaults in several parts of the country, including major cities. Numerous people have been killed. Foreign nationals have lost their lives. There are many unexploded ordnance and land mines in conflict and post-conflict areas. Do not travel to Ukraine. Your life is in serious danger.

If you are in Ukraine, keep a close eye on your surroundings, review your personal protection strategies, and follow the news to learn about security developments and stay safe. Think carefully about the best method and escape route. You are responsible for the safety of your family and for your own safety. Follow the instructions of the Ukrainian authorities in your region.

6. Russia – 158

Due to its high homicide rate and rising political unrest, Russia ranks as the sixth most dangerous nation in the world in 2022. In comparison to other nations, Russia has a high homicide rate, with 9.5 murders per 100,000 people.

This is most likely a result of Russia’s extreme levels of poverty and inequality, as well as the absence of the rule of law and pervasive corruption.

In addition, with increasingly frequent rallies and opposition activities, Russia is seeing rising political unrest. Future civic upheaval and greater violence may result from this.

5. Democratic Republic of the Congo – 159

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Violence and unrest have plagued the Democratic Republic of Congo for many years, and the situation is getting worse. There are numerous armed factions operating throughout the country, and the government is incredibly unstable.

In addition, there is a lot of poverty and inequality, which makes it easy for terrorist groups and criminal gangs to find new recruits.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a risky place to live and will likely remain one of the riskiest countries in the world for a very long time.

4. South Sudan – 160

United Nation Campsite In South Sudan
United Nation Campsite In South Sudan

In 2022, South Sudan is one of the most dangerous country in Africa. Since seceding from Sudan in 2011, the country has experienced unrest and civil war.

More than 2 million people have been displaced, and fighting has claimed the lives of more than 400,000 people. Life in South Sudan is challenging due to the many armed factions that populate the country.

In addition, the country’s infrastructure is in poor condition and access to essential services such as health care and education is limited.

3. Syria – 161

A cruel civil war has been raging in Syria since 2011. The death toll is over 250,000 and there are now more than 7.6 million internally displaced people.

The nation’s health and education systems are in ruins, and the country’s infrastructure has been completely destroyed. Terrorist organizations such as ISIS, which have committed horrific atrocities against the population, have also gained popularity as a result of the fighting.

Syria’s proximity to Europe has also created an unprecedented refugee crisis. Due to the combination of these variables, Syria is the third most dangerous country on earth in 2022.

2. Yemen – 162

Recent News from Yemen:

January 30, 2023 – Yemen forms new reserve military units to confront Houthis

January 10, 2023 – U.S. Navy seizes thousands of assault rifles being smuggled from Iran to Yemen (Source: cbsnews.com)

In 2022, Yemen is the second-most deadly nation on earth. Since 2015, a civil war has been raging in the nation, and things have only gotten worse.

The conflict has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and forced millions more to flee their homes. Famine is pervasive, and basic services like healthcare and education are in short supply.

The war has also made the nation more hazardous for citizens by allowing terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS to establish a presence there.

1. Afghanistan – 163

Ongoing violence and political turmoil make Afghanistan the most unsafe country in the world.

As a result of more than two decades of war, the country now has one of the lowest human development indices in the world. The ongoing conflict has also led to high levels of violence and insecurity, with civilians often bearing the brunt of these effects.

Corruption in the Afghan government has hampered the delivery of basic services and the development of the country’s infrastructure.