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6 Best Outdoor Adventures & Activities in Colorado

Looking for a summer adventure you won’t soon forget? Look no further than the rugged splendor of Colorado.

While Colorado is home to some of the nation’s beloved sports teams and breweries, no Colorado adventure is complete without enjoying the great outdoors.

Colorado is home to many different species of snow-loving and river-dwelling wild animals. It also hosts a slew of activities for the adventurous spirit. Make sure you don’t miss out on these memory-building fun-packed activities during your visit.

Ziplining in Denver

Just outside the city limits of Denver, Colorado, you can enjoy a true nature experience as you fly over the Rocky Mountains on a zipline. Denver zipline courses can be enjoyed year-round, but the spring season offers comfortable weather and breath-taking views of snow-capped mountains.

Be sure to plan ahead for your group and save money by packaging your ziplining tour with other adventures. 

White Water Rafting

Colorado is home to some of the best white water rafting adventures in the United States. From late spring to early fall, choose a turbulent adventure that will get your adrenaline pumping or kick back and enjoy a peaceful, scenic tour sure to provide wildlife sightings as well as beautiful canyon scenery.

There’s a white water tour for everyone from beginner to experienced. 

Best Skiing in The U.S.

Colorado is home to 28 ski and snowboard resorts as well as more than 20 Nordic centers for those who prefer cross-country.

The best snow is this deepest snow, and this is usually experienced from late February to mid-March, making it a perfect destination for Spring Breakers. If you’re new to skiing, Colorado’s resorts offer expert instruction and bunny slopes for practice until you’re ready to hit the mountains. 

Go Trout Fishing

For the true outdoorsman, you can’t miss out on Colorado’s fly fishing opportunities. Trout are abundant in many of Colorado’s rivers, lakes, and streams. Because trout is a cold water species, there is no trout fishing season in Colorado. Damns provide moving water even on the coldest of days, and cold water provides more oxygen for these cold-loving fish.

Whether you’re in Colorado during the winter for skiing or the summer for rafting, be sure to make time to wrangle this hearty fish.  

Visit Archeological Sites

Mesa Verde National Park is home to thousands of archeological sites including stunning cliff dwellings that were once home to Pueblo people hundreds of years prior to colonialism.

The cliff dwellings can be explored at your leisure, or ranger-guided tours are available.

The park offers abundant opportunities for the natural explorer, as it provides lodging and camping sites throughout the park. 

Wildlife Watching in Colorado Springs

Outside the city of Colorado Springs provides one of the best avenues for catching glimpses of wildlife. Colorado Springs is surrounded by national forests and nature reserves.

Animals that can be seen include bighorn sheep, wild turkeys, prairie dogs, coyotes, fox, elk, bears, and mountain lions. Pike National Forest and Mueller State Park are among multiple scenic locations where hiking and camping is permitted and these animals can be spotted foraging in their natural habitat. 

Planning a US summer vacation and tour of Colorado outdoors will be a rewarding experience for you and your group, whether you plan to exclusively zipline over the Rocky Mountains, or incorporate a little bit of everything from fishing to hiking into your trip.

Don’t forget to make your reservations ahead of time and be sure to pack the camera. You won’t want to ever forget the beauty of the Colorado mountains, waterways, forests and wildlife.