These Are 10 Best Cities To Visit This Winter According To TikTok And Instagram Data

These Are 10 Best Cities To Visit This Winter According to TikTok And Instagram Data

With over 150 million users in the United States, TikTok boasts a global user base estimated at 1.6 billion. Instagram, with an additional 2.5 billion users for photo and video sharing, contributes significantly to the wealth of data available for businesses. This includes insights into determining the ideal destinations for our next trips.

The operator of an online casino and sportsbook, JeffBet, used data from Instagram and TikTok to identify the top ten cities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada for the best winter experiences. It examined which cities had the highest mentions of hashtags, such as #LondonChristmasMarkets and #WinterInNewYork, in order to draw its conclusion. 

After parsing the data, the team found that London is the top choice for winter travelers on the social platform. 

London Christmas Market

“London has been crowned as the city with the best winter experience,” the results, shared with Travel + Leisure, read. “England’s capital has almost 71 million winter-related hashtags on social media. For example, #LondonChristmasMarket has 10.9 million mentions on TikTok, and the ‘Big Smoke’ has countless places to visit, from ‘Borough Market at Christmas’ to ‘Christmas in Covent Garden’.” 

With almost 69 million hashtag mentions on the two social networks, New York City was a close second. The results showed that “New Year’s Eve is the most popular hashtag relating to winter in New York,” with 1.3 million mentions for #NewYorkNYE and 6.4 million for #NYENewYork. 

NYE in New York City (Times Square)

Manchester and Edinburgh, two other British locations, came in third and fourth place respectively. Manchester had the most mentions for its Christmas market with 25 million tag mentions. Edinburgh had 24.1 million mentions, promoting its Christmas markets with #EdinburghChristmasMarket and general winter activities with #EdinburghWinter.

Edinbrough Christmas Market

Paris, with 21.1 million winter-related hashtags, completed the top five positions. “France’s capital city is filled with activities, from drinking authentic Parisian hot chocolate to seeing the world-famous Eiffel Tower while snow falls from the sky,” according to the results. “New Year’s Eve celebrations are quintessential in Paris, with #ParisNYE having 9.9 million hashtags and #NYEParis having 2.2 million hashtags on TikTok.” 

As for the other cities in the top 10, Vienna, Austria, secured sixth place with 12,881,781 mentions, closely followed by Berlin, Germany, with 12,839,066 mentions. Belfast, Northern Ireland, received 8,517,033 mentions, while Vancouver, Canada, received 7,504,319 mentions and Krakow, Poland, rounded out the list in tenth place with 7,069,802 mentions.