These Are Europe’s Cheapest Beach Destinations For Summer 2023

These Are Europe's Cheapest Beach Destinations For Summer 2023

There’s good news if you want to go to the beach this summer without going broke. According to a recent study by Omio, there are several places in Europe where you can enjoy the sea even on a tight budget.

To identify the ten cheapest places, the transport booking platform analyzed the cost of ice cream, water and beer at 75 well-known beaches across the continent.

In order to prioritize locations where it will not get too hot, they also used weather data.

Go to Montenegro for the cheapest beer on the Beach

Montenegro is the place to go if you want to enjoy a refreshing beer on the beach during your vacation.

Bottles of beer cost £0.61 (€0.87) at Long Beach in Ulcinj, a bottle of water £0.66 (€0.77).

The beach, which stretches for 13 kilometers, is one of the longest in Europe, as its name suggests. Due to the winds that prevail on most summer days, it is a top location for kite and windsurfers.

Turkey has the cheapest beaches in Europe

Turkey is your best choice for a cheap beach vacation, according to an analysis by Omio. Three beach resorts from this nation have been listed in the top ten list, including the top spot.

Cleopatra Beach in the coastal city of Alanya is the least expensive beach on the list. With its wide sandy beaches and location on the Turkish Riviera, it has long been one of the most popular seaside resorts.

Ice cream is another must-have for summer, and you can get a scoop here for just €0.12. This is the ideal justification for trying every flavor on offer. A beer on the beach will only cost you about €1.64, while a bottle of water will only cost you about €0.37.

Two other places in Turkey are included in the list.

Out of all the locations evaluated, Halk Beach in Side has the cheapest water; a bottle costs £0.17 (€0.20). That makes it easy to stay hydrated in the old port city, where the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius (80F).

Yashi Beach in Bodrum is ranked eighth. Despite the peninsula’s reputation for luxurious resorts and opulent boats, it is nevertheless quite inexpensive compared to other European rivieras.

Visitors can get ice cream here for €0.50, water for €0.28 per bottle and beer for €1.86.

A cheaper substitute for Mallorca and Ibiza is Formentera.

Go to the island of Formentera if you want to visit Spain on a tight budget. If Ibiza and Mallorca are too expensive and crowded for you, visit Playa de Ses Illetes.

Visitors can anticipate comfortable temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius (77F).

A local beer costs approximately €0.94 and bottled water costs €0.77. The average cost of an ice cream scoop at the beach is €0.92.