This Is The No. 1 Hidden Gem In Illinois To Enjoy Fall Colors In 2023

This Is The No. 1 Hidden Gem In Illinois To Enjoy Fall Colors In 2023

A survey was conducted with 3,000 individuals, inviting them to reveal their preferred hidden gems or lesser-known locations they visit to witness the autumn foliage change.

Illinois is home to three of the 150 sites identified nationwide in a recent survey published by

The top spot in Illinois goes to Starved Rock State Park.

Ogle County’s Castle Rock State Park and Grafton’s Pere Marquette State Park are the other two Illinois places that made’s list.

Starved Rock State Park

Here are some suggestions we have for fall hiking at Starved Rock.

It is not unusual for the temperature to fluctuate greatly on an autumn day. Be sure to pack accordingly for unexpected warm or cool weather. Layers are therefore very important, so make sure you can add or remove them easily.

The intensity of fall color varies from region to region in Illinois since the state’s colors change at different rates. Furthermore, different trees may undergo changes at different times. 

Colors are usually at their best during the third or fourth week of October, although it is difficult to determine the exact timing. Although our data from the 2019–2022 seasons suggest that the last two weeks of October often offer the best fall colors, other sources recommend an earlier date.

Daily daylight is getting shorter as winter draws near. Always plan to return earlier than expected, and be careful not to get stuck on the trails after dark.

The characteristics and circumstances along the paths also change with the seasons. For example, autumn is not the best season to see waterfalls. 

Before you leave the trailhead, we advise reviewing your hike to make sure it’s the one you want to do. Since autumn is only here for a limited time, it is important that you make the most of your time. Also, keep in mind that while a windy day may make your hike colder, you are more likely to see leaves falling from the trees.