This NEW All-Inclusive Resort On The Private Caribbean Island Opens Doors To Tourists

This All-Inclusive Resort On The Private Caribbean Island Opens Doors To Tourists

The Dominican Republic is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations and the trend looks to continue in 2023. Grupo Piñero, a tourism giant from Spain launched an all-inclusive resort on a private island situated in the Dominican Republic.

The Cayo Levantado resort situated on a private island in Samana was launched in the beginning of June. The all-inclusive resort was established after the complete renovation of a Bahia Principle property. 

The resort is based on its own private island providing guests with an opportunity to relax in one of the best-secluded beaches in the Dominican Republic. Travelers can now make their reservations and get a chance to witness what the 219 suites and rooms have to offer.

Guests to the all-inclusive resort can expect to get a unique experience as they get an opportunity to sample nature and local culture. Its location makes it an ideal place for visitors looking to enjoy a unique wellness experience in a sustainable environment.

According to Grupo Piñero, the resort will primarily focus on providing guests with a memorable experience as it takes a more triple regeneration path. Amenities at the resort include a spa, beach, fitness center, eight bars, six eateries and two swimming pools.

The Cayo Levantado resort is situated three miles from Samana Bay, and international guests will have to fly to Cater Airport which is approximately thirty-five miles from the resort. International visitors can choose an alternative route and choose to fly to Santo Domingo Airport where they will be welcomed by the resort’s staff.

The Cayo Levantado resort is situated in one of the Dominican Republic’s best beaches that is secluded and away from huge crowds. The resort is adapted to meet the needs of visitors and to offer them the best luxury experience that the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Tourism in the Dominican Republic has been thriving according to the latest data from the government. Last week, the country’s Ministry of Tourism announced that tourism is booming with over 3.38 million tourists in 2023. In May alone, 621,575 foreign visitors arrived by air, indicating an 11% increase compared to May 2022 and an 18% increase compared to May 2019.