Best 12 European Cities To Enjoy Christmas Vibe in 2022

TOP 10 European Cities For Christmas Lovers To Visit in 2022

After years of pausing Christmas travel, 2022 is expected to mark a return to taking holiday vacations abroad during the snowy season. The renowned Christmas markets in Europe are already preparing to receive visitors. The only question that remains is which markets to visit. Which cities should be on your vacation list this year?

The holiday rental booking site Holidu, has identified which European destinations are the jolliest and offer the ideal weekend getaway for Christmas enthusiasts. The index identifies the places that are the epitome of a winter wonderland by taking into account the volume of Instagram hashtags, global search volume, the number of Christmas markets and the average number of snow days in December.

Without further ado, these are the cities you should be visiting this Christmas 2022

12. Cologne, Germany

Cologne, sometimes spelled Köln, is well-known for its magnificent cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece that dominates the city in numerous ways.

The largest city on the Rhine, which also happens to be the birthplace of mulled wine, has no less than 7 Christmas fairs from the end of November to New Year’s Eve, some with unusual themes and others that are genuine and steeped in tradition.

These wintertime attractions, which are dispersed throughout Cologne and are regarded as some of the best Christmas markets in Germany, provide a wonderful opportunity to experience the enchanted holiday season and get to know the traditions of the fascinating country from which the Christmas markets originated.

11. Strasbourg, France

This small Alsatian town near the German border is an excellent place for your winter vacation, as it has the oldest Christmas market in France, a spectacular Gothic cathedral, and a charming Old Town that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will undoubtedly admire the charming Marchés de Noël set up in Strasbourg’s old squares, as well as the ornate decorations that adorn the city’s half-timbered houses at any time of year.

In the shadow of the mighty cathedral, you’ll find nearly 300 traditional wooden stalls with beautiful Christmas tree decorations, eye-catching nativity figures, and heartwarming seasonal specialties like roasted chestnuts, Bredele cookies, or vin chaud (mulled wine). The atmosphere is enlivened by the singing of Christmas carols, Nativity plays and glittering ice skating rinks where you can hardly resist the temptation to jump on them.

10. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, ranked 10th overall, is the city in the top 10 with the highest probability of snowfall in December, with an average of 17 snow days! In addition to the high probability of a white Christmas, Oslo is a fantastic alternative for snow sports enthusiasts, as the Oslo Winter Park ski resort is only a 30-minute drive from the city center.

9. Paris, France

Impressive light shows found throughout Paris are some of the city’s best vacation offerings.

Visit the Champs Elysees for one of the most enchanting holiday vistas. If you visit Paris in December, you will escape the hordes of tourists you usually encounter in other seasons, which is another great advantage.

8. Salzburg, Austria

Over the holidays, there are many sing-alongs and concerts that pay tribute to this city’s musical tradition and spread Christmas cheer through loud singing for all to hear! Due to its proximity to the mountains, Salzburg is also a fantastic place to spend a day skiing.

7. London, United Kingdom

If the Christmas markets aren’t your thing or you’re seeking for other Christmas activities, London has much more to offer.

How about a joyous musical performance of one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time? Yes, from November 14, 2022 to January 7, 2023, you can treat yourself to a performance of ELF The Musical at the Dominion Theater!

6. Stockholm, Sweden

A weekend in Sweden’s capital is a really nice way to get excited. The festivities begin in mid-November and we recommend a visit to the Stortorget Christmas Market in the Old Town, the country’s oldest Christmas market dating back to 1837.

With more than 40 stalls selling souvenirs, food and drink, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. As you stroll through the streets lit with shimmering lights, you can sip on some glögg (mulled wine) and eat a gingerbread cookie.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen completes the top 5. The Julemarked in Hjbro Plads is located in the center of the Old Town. It is modeled after a classic German Christmas market and offers everything from waffles to gluhwein. It is known for having an “international flair” Visit Tivoli Gardens, the market in the world’s second oldest amusement park, if you are looking for a thrill! Visit Julemarked Kongens Nytorv if you are looking for tradition! In wintry Copenhagen, you are sure to find the ideal market.

4. Munich, Germany

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, occupies one of the first five places on our list and continues the German tradition of festive markets. Here you’ll find some of the oldest Christmas markets, with roots dating back to 1310, the year the first recognized “Christmas market” was held in Germany.

Markets are held throughout the city during the Christmas season, so you are guaranteed plenty of options. Visit the lively Christkindlmarkt with its more than 150 stalls on Marienplatz or the picturesque Christmas village in the Munich Residenz.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the Czech Republic, is next on our list. Prague is still a hit on Instagram hashtags and search queries during the winter season, despite having fewer Christmas markets overall.

In addition to the charming cobblestone streets and lively markets, many are drawn to the city for its affordable prices. Visit some of the prominent landmarks, such as the spectacular Christmas trees in Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. If you want to feel merry in winter, you must travel to Prague.

2. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, the capital of Austria, moves up to second on our list. Vienna is a joyful paradise not to be missed during the Christmas season, as the first “December Market” dates back to 1298. Enter a winter paradise by visiting Vienna’s most famous Christmas market, Rathausplatz. It’s hardly surprising that people flock to Vienna during the Christmas season to feel festive, as it’s one of the most sought-after vacation destinations posted on Instagram.

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin wins the title of Europe’s most joyous Christmas city in Europe. Christmas markets are nothing new in this city; the first one was founded here back in 1530.

You can choose the one that suits you best among more than 80 markets spread all over the city. Enjoy a steaming cup of Glühwein while admiring the bright lights of the Christmas carnival in Frankfurter Allee, or go to the Berlin City Hall and ride the famous Ferris wheel. Whatever your preference, Berlin will undoubtedly make your Christmas season merry and bright.

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