what to visit in Astana

Top Things To Do & Enjoy in Astana, Kazakhstan

Oh yes! Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan along with the most natural and scenic beauty in the country. Although Astana is not the capital originally, it has definitely succeeded in securing the top-notch place for the tourist destinations in the world.

This city is uniquely combined aesthetically with the old and traditional architecture along with the modern buildings. Subsequently, the city of Astana has went on to become one of the biggest business centres in the world.

To narrow down the things for you, here is a compiled list of few things that you can do while you are in and around Astana.

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Where to Stay?

There are many places in Astana where you would be more than happy to stay. There are many top-class hotels viz. Astana Mariott Hotel, Ramada Plaza Astana, and a lot more where you would get world-class amenities along with the fantastic quality of customer service.

Where to Munch?

If you are a foodie, then it would not be too tough for you to find a hotel or restaurant that provides you with the varied range of cuisines available from around the globe.

There are some places in Astana like Pane & Vino from Italian Pasta and Risotto, Изуми Тай, pronounced as Izumi Tai for the tasty Japanese dishes, Line Brew for the Greek Salad and much more.

Some of the Interesting Places in Astana

Firstly don’t forget to check out for the Bayterek Tower. When you are visiting the place, then you will be awestruck by the beauty of the place. Also, from this tower, you will be able to view the capital city from the observation deck which sits at 318 feet above the ground level.

Bayterek Tower

There is also an opera, known as Astana Opera, located on the left bank of Ishim River. The Astana Opera is aesthetically pleasing and soothing for your ears, with the help of old and famous theatres as a muse for its architecture.

When you are in Astana, make sure that you do yourself a favour by not missing a show here.

The location of Khan Shatyr may look like a circus tent but don’t get mistaken. The Khan Shatyr is modern shopping mall where there are all the provisions of designer stores and along with the entertainment shows and arcade centre. So don’t miss the opportunity of missing the family entertainment at Khan Shatyr.

Burabai is the State National Nature Park where you would get a fantastic greenery to see along with the healing herbs, fantastically curved cliffs, endless steppes, and lakes brimming with fishes.

Experience the Culture at Astana

Visiting Astana would be insightful if you are visiting the places like Tamgaly Tas and Burabai. The literal meaning of Tamgaly Tas is “Rocks with Signs.” You will get to see stone carved images of Buddha and unique Tibetan inscriptions along with the images drawn by stone carving and fine contour lines.

The Hazrat Sultan Mosque, built in the year of 2012, is amongst the most beautiful landmarks in Astana. This mosque is large enough to accommodate over 10,000 people. Despite being a fully functional mosque, it is more famed for its gorgeous architecture.

Hazrat Sultan Mosque

Tour the Space

When you are at touring Astana, don’t forget to visit Baikonur at least once. You will feel like you are present in some outer world. Don’t you know about Baikonur? Well, this is the place from where the first person was released into the outer space in the Vostok Spacecraft. Here, you will get to learn about the technology of spaceships.

Well, readers, there you are! If you are planning a trip to Astana, then it is recommended to consider time for visiting these places.

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