Keeping your valuables safe while traveling can be a big problem. The deposit box at the hotel will take everything you don’t need to use daily, but if there is none available, or you don’t have any faith in the deposit box, or even if you want to carry cash, ID cards, and your international passports around with you, you’ll still need to keep your items safe on your person.

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Here are ten wearable ways of keeping your belongings safe when you’re on the move.

Money Belt

A money belt comes in several different styles and sizes, and some are more helpful than others.

A regular money belt fastened around your waist and sitting under your clothing means that you can keep your items safe and out of sight.

It is usually ideal for your passports, cash, or other small valuables. These everyday carry items can get pretty sweaty and uncomfortable, particularly in warm environments or if you carry too many items all at once. Also, since these items are used more frequently, thieves have become smarter and will tell their intended victims to raise their shirts up so that they can check if the victim is wearing a money belt.

Today, waist wallets are different from these traditional money belts. It’s fastened to a belt loop instead and is generally tucked into the front part of your jeans or shorts, and has the same advantages and disadvantages as a standard money belt.

A safer alternative for storing money is the belt wallet. Usually, a section at the back of an otherwise standard leather or fabric belt. A few folded bills sit fully open in the belt pocket, out of view of all but the most resolute thieves.

There’s no space for passports, cards, or any other items, so you will require an alternative way of securing these items. 

Neck Pouches

These are easy to conceal and safer than a money belt. A neck pouch hangs under your shirt and keeps your belongings safe. They are perfect under the shirt or top that doesn’t have a low neckline, and makes the cord visible and accessible.

Neck pouches usually come in two sizes, a small size for your cash and cards, and a large version for documents like an international passport .

Unless you’re traveling in cold weather and are wearing several layers of clothing, don’t pack too many items into the pouch, as it can become noticeable under your clothing. Instead, find a style with a flexible cord, so you can place it in a way that is ideal for your physique and clothing.

Shoulder and Upper-Body Pouches

These types of pouches sacrifice convenience for safety, it can be strapped to your clothing or body in many ways to ensure that all your items as safe as possible.

Just like the name implies, these shoulder pouches will fit over your shoulder and underneath your armpit to keep your valuable items close by. Some styles are constructed for use under your jacket, but for the best protection, pick the one that sits on the skin and can go well with pretty much any attire.

For protecting slightly bigger items, you should consider pouches that can be hidden under your clothing instead. Comparable to shoulder pouches, these types of pouches will hang slightly lower and can be placed on one side of your body just around stomach height.

Ladies also have the option of choosing a “bra stash”. This is a pouch that can be clipped onto any type of bra strap and is used for keeping cards, cash, and other small items.

Leg and Arm Wallets

If your upper body is not somewhere you want to keep your valuables, maybe because you feel uncomfortable with items close to your body when the temperatures rise, you will want to consider a leg or arm wallet.

Leg or arm wallets generally make use of velcro to safely strap around any part of your leg or arm. It is usually hidden under a shirt or long trousers. The leg wallets are much easier to keep hidden than the arm wallets. They are more comfortable for wears and are a better option for security.

Choose a wallet with a sturdy velcro fastener to ensure that your wallet is safe and secure. A high-quality velcro will keep the wallet in place because the last thing you need is for the wallet to slip down your leg when you are moving around.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing any of these wallets is that they’re only useful if you can keep them out of sight. So if you know you’ll need to get the items in them frequently, then you might not find them to be perfect. A leg or arm wallet is not ideal for regular access. Instead, keep a slim wallet handy, and store your regularly used items like cards, cash, and ID inside, just so you can reach them easily when you need them.

With a leg or arm wallet, you’ll have to reach under your clothes to get to the wallet. In some cases, this may not be practical as you may need to go to a private enclosure to that. If you don’t want to trouble associated with a leg or arm wallet, belts or pouches, but want your items extra secure, there is one final option.

RFID Slim Wallets

Wallets are the most common target for pickpockets, particularly when kept in the back pocket of your trousers or in loosely-fitted clothing. To keep unauthorized digital eyes out of your belongings, a few manufacturers created the RFID wallet made especially for travelers.

The RFID slim wallet usually includes a regular slash-proof wallet that is made of very durable leather, a slim design so you can keep your wallet safe under your clothes, and an RFID blocking device to protect your identity and personal data. Check out the slim wallet offered by Kinzd.

You can attach an RFID wallet safely to your belt or bag loop, and stop pickpockets in their tracks. As for digital pickpockets, they don’t stand a chance. This is definitely my number one recommendation for safety on the go!