Why February Is The Best Time To Travel To Cancun

Why February Is The Best Time To Travel To Cancun

Those planning a trip to the city next month may have an easier time locating suitable accommodation because hotel occupancy rates are currently lower.

While many of the well-known resorts were completely booked in December with occupancy rates at an astounding 90%, they are currently at 65% for January and 54% for February. Travelers should have a much easier time and a wide range of fascinating options to choose from if they book now.

Although occupancy rates are currently lower, this will not be the case in the coming weeks. Since February is still in Cancun’s high season, hotel reservation rates are expected to increase during the month. It is advisable to make a reservation as soon as possible if you wish to secure a room.

Furthermore, most airlines will continue to offer their seasonal flights to Cancun, giving visitors a lot of flexibility in choosing the most suitable accommodation and flight.

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The freedom of not being tied to specific dates means travelers are more likely to find deals that work for them, giving them extra money to spend on their trip. As travelers know, flexibility is key when it comes to making a vacation more affordable.

February also meets all the requirements in terms of climate. The city’s typical weather ranges from lows of around 70°F to highs of about 90°F, so it’s never too chilly and never too hot to enjoy. 

Last but not least, February is the ideal time to visit Cancun because it is probably the last month when the beaches are not infested with sargassum. The putrid kelp was present in large quantities last year and spoiled the vacation of many visitors. 

Early indications are that the seaweed infestation will begin to increase again in March. February could be your last chance to take the ideal beach photos or swim in the sea while it is still quite clear.