American Airlines cutting all flights to London until 2021

Americal Airlines cutting flights

If you were planning on flying to London this holiday season, you might need to rethink your route.

Due to an intense drop in demand, American Airlines is cutting 16 flights to the city. The flights, which all departed from New York, Chicago, or Charlotte, should be back early next year.

In the meantime, those who wish to travel to London via one of these cities can use British Airways instead.

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Cargo-only Flights for American Airlines

Aside from the London routes, the airline also cut more than 83,000 other flights over October and early November. If the demand isn’t there, it isn’t worth keeping the flights on the schedule. American is now only running 15 flights per day from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

The demand for cargo is still high. More people are shopping online, and many of those purchases require international shipping. American Airlines will continue to run its cargo flights to and from London.

A Desire for Escape

Most people in the United States are getting fed up with lockdowns and travel restrictions. Even with the fear of covid-19 abound, people are desperate for an escape.

The folks at American Airlines believe many of them will be escaping to warm, tropical destinations. Although flights to London are no longer available, American Airlines added new routes to Belize, St. Lucia, Grenada, and Hawaii.

A Second Wave Brings New Lockdowns

It’s now mid-November, and the tensions surrounding the covid-19 pandemic are rising alongside new cases. American and other major airlines are urging world governments to consider different measures.

Current restrictions are making travel difficult for everyone, including those who aren’t concerned about catching covid-19. Those who visit the United Kingdom must abide by a mandatory two-week quarantine. It’s easy to see why this makes any form of business or leisure travel next to impossible.

Instead of quarantines, airlines are hoping more governments will allow alternative measures. For example, Hawaii is currently allowing visitors to skip quarantine if they can show a negative test result. These and other measures, such as contact tracing, could allow healthy travelers to move about without needless restriction.

American Airlines reported that revenue dropped 73 percent in the third quarter due to travel restrictions and reduced demand. Along with dropping flights, airlines have cut more than 400,000 jobs since February. Unless something changes soon, many worry the future of global travel may never be the same.