Beware! Traveling on almost no budget is highly addictive! Once you try out that gathering the most unforgettable memories of your life can cost very little, you will never want to stay comfy at home.

Check out best budget USA road trip tips!

I promise, it is feasible and verified by many adventurous travellers around the world. Just think how much of your comfort you are willing to sacrifice; where are your personal borders; and what is your inner, deep reason of this particular travel.

If your are on the road for being all alone with your thoughts and make peace with yourself, some of those tips might not be the right ones. However, the others will count in perfectly.

Here are the top 10 websites that should land in the favorites bar of your web browser to help you with budget travelling: Deals Finder

Do you want to stay in a hotel for a half price? Then Booking’s deals page is what every budget traveler is looking for. Booking scans all of their offers to see what are the best deals offered on their website and then recommends you the things that are the most relevant to you. You can really save a lot of money if you find the right offer in the right place at the right time.


home exchange

Swapping houses is a fabulous two-in-one option. You won’t spend a euro on accommodation, and in the meanwhile will get someone to feed your cat and water your roses while you’re off for traveling. Just make sure to get complete references of the swapper and talk together as much as possible in advance.

I confess, it might be risky. But on the other hand, the whole active community of HomeExchange is built on trust. See your swappers` former reviews, where and when he or she stayed and what was written about that. Home insurance can also help to enjoy your days off in peace.

If not quite convinced, check the movie The Holiday for a better imagination to see how much fresh air this can bring into your life. Maybe there are huge positive moves ahead!

AirBnb – (cheap apartments)

GET 20USD discount on your first trip

Haven’t you heard of AirBnb? Then you are missing out my friend. AirBnb is the perfect tool to find cheap accommodation that allows you to live in the place you are visiting like a local.

With AirBnb you can rent a room that is being offered by a local, and that sometimes means having a room in a family house where you interact with them on a daily basis. If that is just not your style then you can rent out a private house, flat or whatever you want. the possibilities are endless.

And if you travel as a couple, renting an AirBnb can be sometimes cheaper than staying in a shared dorm in a hostel. Apartments are becoming popular alternative to hotels for budget travellers.

SE7EN – Volunteering

If you are willing to spend a portion of a day by teaching or decorating the walls of an art gallery for accommodation in return, this is something for you. SE7EN offers lists of the volunteer projects and allows you to contact hosts directly.

You will be requested to pay 15-euro membership at the beginning, but if there will be no project chosen from your side, they offer a  money return guarantee.


couchsurfing - travel website

You might not have known that you can find extremely hospitable hosts all around the world and get a free overnight “couch stay” at their place, whatever it is. Though enjoying this cost-saving option, keep in mind that Couchsurfing is about human connections in the first place. Be social, spend some time with your host and he will be glad to point out the best places to go in the area. You might experience the best party with his friends diving completely into the local culture.

Feel free to share something with your host. It doesn’t have to be anything valuable. I often show pictures of my current trip or bring something small and typical from my current hometown.

Being a good host is as demanding as to be a good guest. Tolerance is a must on both sides. But above all, it should be fun.

Couchsurfing has turned into the APP as well and you can also find plenty of events / meetups in almost every country. NEW “hang out” option allows you to create an event in your area very fast and catch up with bunch of travelers for beers / dinner / walk and share some experience from inspiring travels.

Sleeping in Airports

budget travel wwbsite - sleeping at airport

Raise your hand if you have ever slept at the airport. Sometimes it’s about money but sometimes it’s just that your flight departs just so early in the morning that it doesn’t make sense to travel back and forth for more comfortable sleep.

Long sleepovers on the way, objective circumstances you just can’t affect may also leave you stuck at the airport for many hours. This website gathers reviews and experiences of travelers from airports around the world along with useful airport guides to help you survive a sleepover.

Find out where are the electricity plugs, comfortable chairs, quiet areas, free sofas in cafes, wifi passwords, etc.

Handy extra feature we liked is the list of cities where you can enjoy a tour and get to know a city you’re flying through.

Warning: it’s highly possible you will find yourself searching for long stopovers on purpose.

Hospitality Club

The Hospitality Club truly provides – as well as – a slice of local life. Be sure to stumble on a dedicated community, but forgive their website for being simply ugly.


canggu surf hostel - traveling lifestyle

Photo from Canggu Surf Hostel – BALI

If there is some budget for the accommodation and you wish to enjoy a certain level of being incognito and an inner peace, definitely look for the best offers among hostels. Sometimes, they can be pretty expensive, too, but HostelWorld knows what people like us need. Definitely, best website for backpackers!

It can also be a way of securing the first night to skip a lovely sleep on the airport benches. Or, and that is even worse, to spend a night in front of the bus station that usually closes at the midnight to 4 am.

In this case, book just the first night and then find some shelter at the locals or meet your potential couchsurfer host on site.


BeFrugal – Fly or Drive Calculator

travel calculator website

Are you not sure, what will be the cheapest option to reach your final destination, considering all the additional costs like shuttles, taxis and transfers? Be efficient and quick when deciding and above all, save money that you can invest in a better manner later on. For example, a boat cruise to a small unattended island. The Fly or Drive estimator will make it happen and advice you in a few moments, but sadly, it is available for the US travellers only.

Tripadvisor – Tank of Gas

You have a car, petrol loaded in your tank and a tempting feeling to discover something new in an instant? Check your tank first or make sure how much are you willing to spend on petrol. In TripAdvisor’s tool type in your hometown and indicate how much gas you want to use – whether full, half, or quarter tank. Tank or Gas app will prepare an elegant list of destinations within reach, topped up by pictures of the suggested attractions.


Thank Autoslash for saving some money when planning your trip. This easygoing website will lock in the lowest rate on rental cars and will update it and relock whenever the prices decreases. Book a vehicle from any favourite agency through the site, and Autoslash will instantly begin tracking rate changes for your reservation. If a better offer pops up later, it automatically locks in the lower price on your behalf. Moreover, no fee will be charged. Isn’t is fabulous?


cheap tickets travel site

Let us be honest: amazingly cheap flight tickets are often the first and yet the most important reason we keep on moving our asses from country to country. Even though we promised our inner selves to settle down for a while.  Don’t blame yourself. Put the blame on Skyscanner, their mobile app and their delightfully intruding newsletter.


Similarly to Skyscanner, Kayak tool searches for the cheapest flying options from your current location. It beats Skyscanner in the field of multi-city trips and includes searches for nearby airports with cheaper fares.

So now do not hesitate a moment. You have all what you need for your budget travel!