France Might Start Requiring Health Pass For Entering The Country Again

France Might Start Requiring Health Pass for Entering The Country Again

A leaked draft law published by the French media Atlantico will require travelers to present proof of vaccination to enter the country.

The authenticity of this document was later confirmed by the French Ministry of Health stating that upon arrival at the borders of France will have to provide documentation that either shows they are vaccinated, have recovered or present a negative test result. 

This border scheme will impact travelers over the age of 12 who are planning to visit France.  For those visiting Corsica and overseas territories, they will have to show immunity to COVID-19..

In this leaked document it also shared two other pertinent updates in that the extension of Contact Covid (their Covid contact tracing program) and  SI-DEP (computer files results of screening tests) until March 31, next year.

France Tightens Rules for Vaccinated Travelers and Requires Booster

Following the release of this leaked document, the Ministry of Health stated that the bill, “will be the subject of discussions, before its presentation to the Council of Ministers, with the political forces.”

The bill comes at a time where France is experiencing an uptick in the number of cases, with a total of 342,504 new cases in the last seven days, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). There have also been 270 deaths within the same period according to the WHO data. 

France, alongside Spain, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia, is among EU countries who have keeped COVID-19 travel restrictions in place.