People Are Traveling To Hawaii In Record Numbers Despite High Prices

People Are Traveling To Hawaii In Record Numbers Despite High Prices

Despite the economic crisis and soaring plane fares and taxes, Hawaii continues to report a record number of tourists and revenue.

Recent tourist numbers in Hawaii are extremely close to pre-pandemic numbers. About one million tourists came to Hawaii in July alone, solidifying its position as the nation’s most popular domestic beach destination.

The number of tourists visiting the islands in July reached its highest level since January 2020, when the pandemic broke out and strict measures were taken to stop its spread.

In total, tourists spent $1.94 billion last month, 14.3% more than in July 2019.

This suggests that more than 90% of tourists once turned away have returned to Hawaii, and rising prices do not appear to be a major problem at this time.

The average overnight cost for mainland Americans traveling to Hawaii is $413.57, while some islands, such as Oahu, may have lower costs. 

Hawaiian authorities also increased the contentious tourist tax, which is now 39.3 percent more expensive than in 2019.

The recent price hikes, which put Hawaii on the list of places that explicitly discourage budget travelers from returning, have not negatively impacted the state’s rising popularity.

Hotel occupancy is reported by the government at 81.5 percent, just 3.8 points below the pre-Covid 2019 figures.

Compared to Hawaii’s 81.5 points, the occupancy rate for the entire United States actually fell to 69.6 percent in July after reaching a high of 70 percent in June. 

Still, Hawaii had experienced its best month since early 2020. In short, the Pacific Ocean retreat is more popular than ever.

According to research on current trends in solo travel by the booking site Hostelworld, 74% of respondents said that now that the gloomy Covid era is over, their top priority when traveling is to get “natural world experiences.” 

This is a contributing factor to the recent surge in tourism that Central America and other countries with a wealth of natural beauty have seen.

There is no other state in the United States like Hawaii, an archipelago of 137 volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean that stretches nearly 1,500 miles and is home to some of the most stunning and natural eco-parks in the country, as well as some of the best beaches and outdoor activities in the world.