Swiss Mountain Town Aims To Become First Digital Nomad Village In The Alps

This Mountain Town Aims To Become First Digital Nomad Village In The Alps

Although Switzerland may not come to mind when considering a location for digital nomads, the tranquil mountainous settings have a lot to offer.

Andy Stofferis has settled in the Alpine town of Lenk after ten years spent roaming the globe as a digital nomad. In comparison to livelier, more traditional settings, he feels that the quiet atmosphere and absence of crowds provide for a far better working environment.

“I prefer a peaceful environment where I can really work and be productive because there is no real noise,” Andy says.

“In the big cities, you are always disturbed by a lot of things.”

For people who want to join him in Lenk, Andy is now setting up a digital nomad hub in the community.

The hub, which will be open from October 16 to December 22, offers private homes for both single nomads and families. Each tenant will have their own desk where they can conduct their private business, but there is also a common work area where you can meet other residents.

Image by Andy Stofferis

Why Lenk then? About 2,500 people live permanently in this Swiss Alpine community, about 15% of whom have immigrated from other countries.

A selection of Europe’s highest peaks are easily reached by car or public transportation, and 20 different hiking trails begin there.

In summer you can go horseback riding, cycling and other outdoor activities. In winter, you can take advantage of the 200 km of ski slopes in the area.

Because of the breathtaking scenery, you will have a view of the mountains on every side of the hub accommodations.

According to Andy, the area is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts as well as people who are a little more reserved. You do not have to be a seasoned digital nomad to stay in the Hub, and he wants to attract remote workers who are tired of working from their home countries.

Lenk isn’t totally cut off from city life, though.

“The capital Bern is only one hour and 30 minutes by public transport, by train,” Andy says.

It’s also not difficult to go to Geneva, Basel, or Zurich airports. Additionally, Lenk is a region of Switzerland that is reasonably priced when compared to the rest of the nation.

Pricing at the hub is in line with that, and it gets cheaper the longer you remain.

“For the first month, the apartments are 1,500 CHF, which is more or less €1,500, which for Switzerland is quite fair. Then progressively everything is discounted,” Andy says.

“If you stay for the second month it would be 1,200 CHF and then for the third month, 800 CHF or euro, which is for a private apartment in Switzerland is very good.”