The Most Instagram-Liked Airbnb Houses For 2023

The Most Instagram-Liked Airbnb Houses For 2023

The home rental company revealed its Instagram most popular properties for 2022. These included both luxurious and more affordable accommodations from around the globe.

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Included in this is Casa de Sanchez in San José de Ocoa, Dominican Republic, which received more than 20,000 likes, making it the company’s most popular post of the year. It’s not surprising why the house received so much affection. The gorgeous hillside retreat has all the necessary elements of bohemian flair, including floor-to-ceiling windows that open to a balcony overlooking the lush surroundings below, a sturdy concrete shower, and just enough kitchen utensils to keep you fed during your stay. Rent starts at $80 per night.

Casa de Sanchez (AIRBNB)

The Glass Hut in Santa Catarina, Brazil, came next. More than 15,000 people liked the Instagram post that featured this stunning tiny house. The house consists of nothing more than a glass box for a bed, an outdoor shower, and 27 acres of private property for you to explore. Rent starts at $95 per person.

Glass House (AIRBNB)

The Step in Montgomery, New York, is next. The cute A-Frame is undoubtedly a hit on Instagram with its mustard yellow and forest green decor, cozy outdoor fire pit and cozy bed. It has also received over 14,000 likes on its post. Rent starts at $150.

The Step in Montgomery (AIRBNB)

Then we have The Cliff House in Monterey, California. Its best feature—its views—were highlighted in its post. The charming house has wraparound windows that show off the expansive ocean vista outside. However, you need use caution when staring down because the house is perched on a sheer cliff overlooking the Pacific. More than 14,000 people liked the post. Nightly rates start at $999.

The Cliff House (AIRBNB)

The Apartment with a “Great View” in Rio Negro, Argentina, completes the top five. The property lives up to its name, offering its guests breathtaking views over the endless green hills. The interior of the house is also beautiful, with earthy colors that complement the surroundings. The house can be rented from $200 per night and the post received more than 12,000 likes.

The Apartment with a “Great View” in Rio Negro (ARIBNB)