Camping is an excellent way to bond with family and friends as you enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. It’s a good way to relax and clear your mind. There is a certain sense of calmness that comes with spending time in nature.

Choosing a suitable camping site comes down to several factors. Consider whether the camping site is located near a water source. The camping area should also be set aside on flat land. When looking for flat ground to set up your camp, avoid the hill bottoms.

You should also avoid game trails that have animal and human traffic. The state of Oklahoma provides suitable camping grounds due to its numerous parks. When it comes to choosing a suitable camping site in Oklahoma, then you are spoilt for choice.

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Here are Best Places for Camping in Oklahoma

Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park

This work of art by nature is located in Caddo County, Oklahoma, and was used as a winter campsite for Indians. The canyon makes the park’s main attraction as well as other activities available in the park.

The Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park provides a breathtaking view of the canyon and has suitable sites for RV camping. The area has sweet spots where you can set up your tent with your family or friends.

This park is equipped with a swimming pool, a playground for the kids, camping sites in the canyon, and picnic grounds. The park also provides group picnic grounds for team building activities and families.

One can enjoy a good time at this park through the exhilarating experience of rappelling down the canyon. Nature walks and hiking the rocky trails are some of the ways one can spend time in the park. Fishing and watching the fall foliage are also some activities that one would undertake at the park.

Nature Falls State Park

This hidden gem is located in Delaware County, Oklahoma, and lies near the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. The park is renowned for its magnificent 77-foot waterfall with an observation deck at the foot of the falls. The waterfall creates a serene atmosphere to enjoy the scenic view and is significant for the flourishing flora and fauna in the park.

Nature Falls State Park features RV and tent sites equipped with comfort stations. There are grills and picnic grounds for those looking for an outdoor experience. Besides, the park offers overnight experiences in traditional round tents known as yurts.

The yurts are well-equipped and come in varying sizes that can accommodate from two to eight people. Swimming is prohibited in the park to preserve the diverse plant life.

Contrarily, activities such as fishing, nature trails, hiking, and biking are present in the park.

Sequoyah State Park

This scenic beauty is located in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, along the shores of Fort Gibson Lake. The park is a haven for water lovers, given that it is surrounded by acres of surface water.

The largest lodge in the park, The Sequoyah Lodge, comes with more than 100 rooms and suites, volleyball court, bunkhouse, cottages, tennis courts, swimming pool, and a restaurant. The park also houses rehabilitated animals and plants in the park’s nature center.

The nature center, Three Forks Nature Center, houses various animals and birds with a daily feeding program. There are miles of hiking trails in the park that are open to the public. This recreation space provides suitable areas for RV camping and other camping loops.

Leisure opportunities available include but are not limited to hiking, fishing, golfing, swimming, and horse riding.

Oklahoma City East KOA Holiday

This campsite is located in Choctaw, Oklahoma City. The site has a cowboy setting adapted from the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum. Picturesque water bodies in the park include Lake Thunderbird and Stanley Draper.

The campsite is equipped with deluxe cabins with showers. For those looking for an outdoor experience, the camp provides a spacious site for RV camps and tent sites.

The site also features a playground, a one-mile walking trail, and wagon rides. Fun and family activities at the park include scavenger hunting, swimming, boating, fishing in the lakes, and horseshoes.

There are several golf courses in the park as well for golf enthusiasts.

While at Oklahoma City East KOA Holiday, one can visit the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum and the 45th Infantry Museum. The Myriad Botanical Gardens also make a suitable visiting site while at Oklahoma City East KOA Holiday.

Twin Fountains RV Park – Best for Family Time

Camping Sites Oklahoma

This family-run park provides suitable campgrounds for RV camping. Twins Foundation RV Park is a sweet spot, especially for families looking for the ultimate RV experience.

This park located in Oklahoma City provides multiple amenities for a family fun time.

The Twin Fountains RV Park features a bar and grill where guests can enjoy various foods and drinks.

Guests can also visit local attractions such as The Science Museum and Oklahoma City Zoo using free limo rides provided by the park.

Twin Fountains RV Park is equipped with a swimming pool and splash pad where families can swim in the water or bask in the Oklahoma sun. The park comes with a miniature golf course where guests can play at an affordable fee. Adults with kids are also considered with a play area available for kids to interact and play.

The park is fitted with a clubhouse that comes with a convenience store and a gift shop. Fun activities in Twin Fountains RV Park include fishing in the ponds, swimming, and RV camping.

Guests can enjoy the clubbing and nightlife at the park. The park also provides the paved roads for family nature walks and outdoor trails.

Boiling Springs State Park

This park is named after a natural boiling spring and is one of the original state parks built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The park is located in Woodward, Oklahoma, and covers acres of land, including a small lake. The park has a forest with diverse types of vegetation and trees.

Boiling Springs State Park provides campgrounds for RV and tent camping. The park also offers suitable sites for group camping, picnicking, and team building. There are available hiking trails in the park where visitors can go for nature walks and enjoy the lake’s view.

The state park also includes spacious cabins located near the lake fitted with bed sofas, air conditioners, twin-sized beds, and a kitchenette. The park allows pets into the cabins at a small cost. Visitors can enjoy the view of the “boiling” springs from an observation deck.

Fun activities available at Boiling Springs State Park include hiking, nature watching, wildlife observation, camping, and fishing. Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy time at the park’s 18-hole golf course equipped with sand traps, water hazards, and dogleg fairways.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area – Best for Hiking

best places for camping in Oklahoma

This national recreation area includes the former Platt National Park and Arbuckle Recreation District. The recreation area is located at the foot of The Arbuckle Mountains in Murray County.

Water is the main attraction in the recreation area, with most parts of the recreation area being covered by the Lake of the Arbuckles.

Trees make up the woodland that also covers parts of the recreation area. The Travertine Creek and Rock Creek are scenic sections of the recreation area, with waters supplied by various springs in the park.

The recreation area features the Travertine Nature Center that houses various forms of wildlife and plants. The Platt Historic District provides an array of wildlife, including the bison that is a common sight in the park. The numerous springs provide sweet spots for visitors to enjoy the cold waters of the recreation area.

The recreation area provides various activities for the guests. Visitors in the recreation area can take part in fishing in the lake, swimming in the springs and creeks, boating and camping. Visitors can also participate in game hunting permitted in the park.

Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park is home to Oklahoma’s tallest waterfalls located on the Honey Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains. Turner Falls Park is a family-friendly destination located in Davis, Oklahoma.

The falls are the park’s main attraction and cascade into two natural swimming pools. Turner Falls Park features a walk-in castle and natural caves that makeup part of the park’s geology. The park provides private executive cabins and screened shelters for the visitors.

Primitive camping is offered in the park as well as RV hookups for guests looking for outdoor experiences. Visitors in the park can take part in trout-fishing, swimming in the natural pools, and hiking in the nature trails.

Exploring natural caves is also a fun experience for guests in the park. Visitors can take a tour of the Collings Castle located in the park.

Lake Murray State Park

Lake Murray State Park is the largest state park in Oklahoma. The state park covers more than 12000 acres of land, with almost half of it covered by waters from Lake Murray.

The state park, located in Carter County, Oklahoma, is covered with dense vegetation and a forest that is home to various wildlife.

The state park features a 32 room lodge and cabins for rent. There are privately owned floating cabins available at the park at a small fee. Lake Murray State Park also includes an airport and an RC flying field.

There are three campgrounds with cabins and a golf course. RV campsites are available at the park as well that guests can reserve online. The enclosure comes with an ATV area for motorcycle enthusiasts. The Lake Murray Lodge features spacious rooms, a waterfront restaurant near the lake, ballrooms and conference rooms.

Visitors at the park can participate in fishing and boating at Lake Murray. Relaxing at the sandy beaches of Lake Murray is also an option for visitors. Other outdoor fun activities at the park include ATV riding, hiking in the nature trails, golfing, horseback riding and picnics.

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Beavers Bend State Park

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This Oklahoma state park is the most popular in the region and located in McCurtain County. The scenic beauty of this park is located in the mountainous southeastern area of Oklahoma. The park is located on the shores of Broken Bow Lake and Mountain Fork River.

The “bend” in the park’s name comes from the sharp meander made by the Mountain Fork River. The state park has a lodge, The Lakeview Lodge, which can accommodate up to 40 people and overlooks the Broken Bow Lake.

Alternative lodging options available are the 47 cabins in the park with some cabins located next to the river. The state park also provides RV and tent campsites where guests can set up their camps.

The camping opportunities provided at the camp include hiking, nature and biking trails, tennis and volleyball, trout fishing, and canoeing. The state park also comes with a golf park and a miniature golf park.