With a rising amount of jobs which only requires reliable internet connection, the trend of location independent workers are becoming very popular. The fast-growing group of digital nomads usually gathers in co-working spaces designed to provide a solid environment with all essential for getting the work done.

Lately, the nomadism is upgrading to a new level. Nomads are recently demanding more than just a shared office, they also want to live together. Recent months brought up plenty of new-opened co-living spaces where like-minded people co-exist together as coworkers and housemates.

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Actually, co-living concept isn’t brand new idea. It became popular in 2013 inexpensive locations. Aspiring nomads aimed to cut the expenses living together in shared houses. Nowadays, entrepreneurs don’t share houses to save a few bucks, but they prefer to be surrounded by an inspiring community of other remote workers.



OUTSITE is a popular network of co-living spaces for digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs that love to work from different places around the world. They started in 2015 and built 18 different colivings by now. You can find them in cities, jungles or right on the beachfront.

Their most popular locations are: Oahu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Lisbon, Bali, Santa Teresa and many more.

OUTSITE was born from a simple idea of living abroad and working from beautiful places in an amazing community. Slowly, they turn this idea into reality and they offer high standard accommodation and working environment in all their locations. What’s more, is the community! You will always be surrounded by active, creative and interesting people with whom you can grow while living in your new destination!

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dojo bali

A Landing Pad – Coliving Space Barcelona

coliving space barcelona - landing padPersonal review: A Landing Pad is a first successful, fast-growing coliving project in Barcelona. It’s ideal for a digital nomad who is looking for long-term accommodation and the right balance between work & BCN LIFE! Coliving is located very close to the center in a very relaxed neighbourhood “Poble-Sec”. The place offers 13 different AC rooms, coworking area, kitchen and GIANT ROOFTOP with hammocks, BBQ, sofas, tables, chairs.. end cool events! 😉 I enjoyed my time there, stayed FOCUSED, got a lot of work done, so… I highly recommend it.


SELINA is a coliving space network around the world which offers amazing accommodation, creative working environment, and great vibes. You could also say, they are kind of a hostel network since their facilities attract also backpackers but it has more characteristics of coliving space.

It’s a fast-growing project that started in Central America in 2014 but now you can find them all over South America, North America and some places in Europe as well. 

SELINA focus on community, creativity, and sharing. You will always have good time whether you are backpacker, digital nomad. surfer or you come with your family. There is always the right and friendly vibe.

Editor’s review: I’ve stayed in Selin in Lisbon and had a wonderful experience. The communal areas are very cool, food & drinks were amazing and coworking space meeting all the standards of a proper office for a digital nomad.

Wolfhouse – Tenerife, Spain

Wolfhouse is a place where teams come to live, work and play. Wolfhouse offers a transformative experience that makes team members feel valued, bond and return to the office with renewed energy and positivity. Wolfhouse is facilitating unique team retreats currently in 4 inspiring destinations – Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Slovakia, and Croatia.

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If you are looking for winter break, Canary Islands are the only warm place in Europe 😉

Coworking In The Sun – Tenerife, Spain

Sunny Spanish island offers an awesome background to get some work done and enjoy year-round spring feel in Europe. In Tenerife you “work, live and party together with digital nomads, online marketing students, Spanish learners and other like-minded people from all over the world.”Co-living package includes a shared apartment for 3 persons. The apartment is within 10 minutes walk from the office and includes 3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, one kitchen, DSL-connection.

To keep the balance between work and relax, you can choose from plenty of leisure activities, study Spanish language or attend digital marketing academy. Coworking also organizes many digital nomad events with interesting speakers from the community of online entrepreneurs.

Bendesk Coliving Space – Mallorca, Spain

Personal review: I stayed in B&D for one week in October 2016 and that was actually my first coliving experience. It’s very modern and creative space with beautiful coworking area and rooms. Location is perfect, you can reach the beach in 2 minutes 🙂

They organize / host bunch of different events for digital nomads and local entrepreneurs which you will def. appreciate while living in Mallorca.

St. Oberholz – Berlin

Our list wouldn’t be complete without European startup hub Berlin. St. Oberholz is co-working and co-living concept offering 4 different apartments which are already equipped for workshops, presentations, conferences. Fast and reliable WiFi is an essential facility. Located in popular Mitte neighborhood apartments are close to tourist landmarks, bars, malls and gallery quarter.

The Collective, London, United Kingdom

Flourishing community and absolutely new way how to explore London? Currently, the world’s largest co-living space is The Collective Old Oak with comfortable rooms across 10 floors, lounges, kitchens, dining rooms, a terrace, gym, spa, restaurant to make the most of your stay in London.

These places are a dream of every nomad. Engage with fellow coworkers and inject yourself with stunning experience and an extra pack of motivation.

Surf Office – Lisbon, Gran Canaria, Malaga

lisbon - coworking surf officeDesigner and surfer from Slovakia couldn’t find a place where he can merge his work and passion. And the idea of co-living has been born. He moved to the Canary Islands and opened the first Surf Office.

Now he organizes also company retreats and Surf Office has expanded to 3 other destinations – Lisbon in Portugal and Spanish cities Malaga and Barcelona. Surf Office provides workspace, accommodation and other facilities such as transport or teambuilding activities.

20mission – Medellín, Colombia

Colombia is rapidly changing and Medellín, often described as “City of Eternal Spring” attracts a lot of curious travelers as well as digital nomads.

20mission Medellin offers 12 individual rooms and multiple areas with common spaces, couches, bar and theater. Comfortable place together with Latin vibes, salsa and Aguardiente nights, cool coffee places and new restaurants, affordable living cost seems to be a new rising star in the heaven of nomad cities.

20mission started as a start-up hub in San Francisco and it has become very popular destination for entrepreneurs from all around the world.

KoHUB – Koh Lanta, Thailand

Every year thousands of nomads take direction Thailand. Its hot weather, high-quality life when it comes to price/value comparison attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world who are building their companies here or working and developing their projects.

Besides popular places as Chiang Mai or the capital city Bangkok itself, Koh Lanta is the new hub for creative souls looking to enjoy island life. KoHUB is co-working and co-living space offering reliable internet connection, spacious rooms and other facilities essential for your work.

Within 15 minutes by walk or 2 minutes by scooter, KoHUB offers private rooms with ocean or jungle view. If you want to enjoy your stay for the maximum, go for All-Inclusive monthly package including co-working office, 2 meals daily, accommodation and leisure activities (e.g. Muay Thai box fight tickets).

OUTSITE, California

Entrepreneurs, developers, designers, artists, and academics are heading to soak some Cali vibes! Outsite is now based in 4 exciting locations: Venice, San Diego, Santa Cruz GH, and Costa Rica.

The community is built on sharing 4 main values: Home sharing of unique and comfortable properties with interesting and inspirational people, remote work, because nowadays most of the work can be done remotely, belief that people are more productive when they find work/life balance. That’s why Outsite community gathers at special places with an authentic atmosphere to work hard during the week and play harder during weekends. Most of the places are out of city hustle close to nature because sustainability plays an important role.

Taghazout | Morocco

sundesk - best coliving space in moroccoMorocco is a popular destination not just for surfers but digital nomads as well. Taghazout is definitely one of the best spots on the coast because of its famous “Anchor Point” wave and nomad/surfer/backpacking tourism mixed with local vibes. Sundesk is the only coworking / coliving space with obviously best internet in the village. It’s located right on the beach and comes with stunning views and atmosphere. If you are looking for a winter escape? Sundesk is the place to be!